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Why Work For Us?

Joining Caye International Bank

While the application process depends on the role, everyone will need to start with an online application form. Within this we will ask about your contact details, education and work experience, and request that you upload a CV.

If your application is successful, you will then be invited to complete a few online assessments or take part in a telephone interview.

Our online assessments are carefully designed to measure the skills and capabilities you’ll need to be successful in our advertised roles, and they will also give you an idea of what the position involves. Ona average they usually take about an hour to complete, and you will always be given the opportunity to first practice with an example.

Our telephone interviews on the other hand give us the opportunity to find out more about your experience and technical skills, and gives you the chance to ask us any questions. These interviews typically last between twenty-five and thirty-five minutes.

If your telephone interview or online assessment is successful, we will invite you to a face-to-face interview at the bank’s headquarters. At your interview, we’ll be keen to explore your motivation for the role, your fit with our values and the key skills and behaviours plus competencies you need for the respective role.

You can demonstrate core competencies by giving us examples of when, why and how you have used these skills in the past. This tells us that you have the potential to apply these skills if you work with us.

If you have been successful at the interview stage, we will then ask for some additional information so that we can complete our candidate screening process. This is the last step before the decision of a formal offer of employment is made to you or not.