Find The Right International Bank Account For You

Comparison of Caye International Bank demand deposit and savings accounts

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Demand Deposits

Unlimited flexibility with transfers to and from your Caye bank account, which offers a competitive interest rate.

Savings Accounts

Be rewarded and reach your savings goal with a great interest rate when you regularly save each month.

Term Deposits

Enjoy a fixed rate of return for your nominated term, so you know exactly what your investment’s worth.

More Reasons To Choose Caye

Global Experience

The bank’s customer service department is staffed with multilingual and financially qualified experts.

Professional Service

Our customer service team is highly trained in our products. We won't rush you off the phone, whether you're calling to open an account or have a question.

Personal Care

We thoroughly follow up with your calls and questions to give you the same level of care you'd expect at a local bank branch.