Term Deposits

Enjoy a fixed rate of return for your nominated term, so you know exactly what your investment’s worth.

Why Save Your Money With Caye?

Terms To Suit You

Lock-in the interest rate on your account anywhere between one month and five years.

Competitive Rates

Interest rates vary depending on the term, amount and interest payment frequency you choose.

Fixed Rate Returns

This means you’ll always know what your investment’s worth and can plan how to use the interest earned.

TermInterest Rate
1 year2.75%
2 year3.00%
3 year3.25%
4 year3.50%
5 year3.75%

Interest rates above are based on client deposits over $250,000. Rate changes are at the discretion of executive management.

Ready to open your term deposit account?

Caye International Bank Fees

Fees in USD




Bank charges

There are no fees for using the Caye online banking platform, but charges are applicable for those new accounts which have a withdrawal request within 30 days of the initial deposit.

Special offer

Open a savings bank account for the first time from the 5th of June 2023, and you will receive a special bonus variable interest rate of currently 0.15% APR above the standard variable rates for 3 months after account opening. At the end of the introductory rate period the standard variable rates applicable at that time will apply. The bank reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time.

Additional information

There are no fees for using the Caye online banking platform, but please note there is an early closure charge applicable at a penalty fee of 1%. To open a term deposit bank account the minimum opening balance amount required is: USD $25,000.

The Positives of Term Deposits

A Caye term deposit account can help you lock money away, and therefore remove the temptation to access it. Because they are generally a little more restrictive regarding how you access your money than other bank accounts, they have thus historically been able to offer higher interest rates.