Offshore Bank

Requirements for Establishing an Offshore Bank in Belize

Opening offshore bank accounts in Belize is a solid investment strategy. Discover how Belize offshore banks are established to operate in the country.

Offshore Bank

What is KYC?

KYC or Know Your Customer rules establish guidelines to protect both offshore financial institutions and their customers. Discover more about KYC and how it impacts your efforts for offshore banking.

Offshore Bank

Can a US Citizen Have an Offshore Bank Account?

US citizens continue to enjoy the benefits of opening offshore bank accounts legally. If you are searching for options to grow your financial portfolio, offshore accounts remain a great option.

International Banking

What are International Banks?

International banks are located offshore in a foreign country. Find out more about international banks and why opening an account at Caye International Bank might be the right option for you.

International Banking

8 Advantages of International Banking for Expats

There’s more than one type of expatriate in the world today. Some are people who live temporarily in a country…

International Banking

Get the Basics on What Causes a Currency Crisis

People with offshore investments or who include currency exchange in their investment strategies are familiar with the concept of a…


3 Best Offshore Asset Structures in Belize

Belize offshore asset structures offer great investment opportunities. Find out more about three of the best offshore asset structures in Belize.


Diversifying Assets Through Offshore Banking

Offshore banking is a perfect option for diversifying your assets. Caye International Bank has the experience and expertise you need in an international bank.



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