Savings Accounts

Be rewarded and reach your savings goal with a great interest rate when you regularly save each month.

Why Save Your Money With Caye?

Bonus Interest Rate

Earn bonus interest when you deposit at least $10,000 every quarter, and make no withdrawals within this period.

Minimum Balance

When selecting either a demand deposit or savings account, there is only a nominal opening balance needed of $1,000.

Online Banking

Access to any of our Caye international bank accounts are operated online through a secure 24/7 online banking platform.

Ready to open your U.S. dollar bank account today?

Caye International Bank - Rates & Fees

Our Rates

Less than $25,000


$25,000 to $99,999


Over $100,000


Caye International Bank Fees

Fees in USD




Bank charges

There are no fees for using the Caye online banking platform, but charges are applicable for those new accounts which have a withdrawal request within 30 days of the initial deposit.

Special offer

Open a savings bank account for the first time from the 5th of June 2023, and you will receive a special bonus variable interest rate of currently 0.15% APR above the standard variable rates for 3 months after account opening. At the end of the introductory rate period the standard variable rates applicable at that time will apply. The bank reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time.

Caye International Bank: 0.650%APR

Bank of America: 0.009%APR

Citibank: 0.099%APR

Chase: 0.079%APR

U.S. America: 0.009%APR

Sourced rate percentages: Interest rates have been converted and calculated from APY to APR. The Caye International Bank – interest rate % used for the comparison are those accounts which have a balance of over USD $100,000 and had the special bonus offer applied.

Although the information has been obtained from the various financial institutions themselves, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. For more information on the special bonus offer, please contact the Caye International Bank client services team.