Demand Deposits

Unlimited flexibility with transfers to and from your Caye account offering a competitive interest rate.

Why Save Your Money With Caye?

Choose Flexibility

Whether you want instant transfers, access to your money or to choose the term of your term deposit, we’ve got an account to suit you.

Minimum Balance

When selecting either a demand deposit or savings account, there is only a nominal opening balance needed of $1,000.


Select the currency which works for you, and Caye offers five different multicurrency bank accounts in: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP & CHF.

Are you ready to open your international bank account?

Caye International Bank - Rates & Fees

Our Rates

$9,999 and Below


$9,999 and Above


$50,000 and Over


Caye International Bank Fees

Fees in USD




Compare Our Demand Deposit Interest Rates Offered

Caye International Bank: 0.150%APR

Bank of America: 0.019%APR

Chase: 0.009%APR

Wells Fargo: 0.079%APR

PNC Bank: 0.079%APR

Sourced Rate Percentages: Interest rates have been converted and calculated from APY to APR. The Caye International Bank – interest rate % used for the comparison are those accounts which have a balance of over USD $100,000 and had the special bonus offer applied.

Although the information has been obtained from the various financial institutions themselves, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. For more information on the special bonus offer, please contact the Caye International Bank client services team.