Chairman's Welcome

Ambassador Joel Nagel

Ambassador Joel Nagel

Beginning with the vision of Caye’s founding with Director of the Board: Michael Cobb in 1996, this fledgling bank has expanded remarkably from its early days as a mortgage company, and then as a bank from 2003 onwards. Now with the bank’s ever-growing international client base, and network of global strategic alliances it’s poised to continue its growth well into the future.

The bank’s success has been made possible with the help of visionary board members, dedicated staff and loyal customers. There were also many others who provided the driving force and foresight to lay down the building blocks for the bank, and for their efforts I am truly grateful. Presently, the bank’s directors provide guidance and leadership which are sources of motivation and inspiration for all of us at Caye International Bank.

Joel Nagel

Chairman, Caye International Bank

"As Chairman of the Board I am proud of the Bank’s near two-decade track record within the region."

Caye International Bank is one of the foremost banks in Belize today, and the only one focused exclusively on the international market. With one of the highest liquidity ratios of any global bank, Caye has nearly a 20-year track record of strong operating performance. Caye’s mission has been to always provide financial services based on trustworthiness and underpinned by strong corporate values, and this formula has seen the bank grown with a diversified revenue structure, a balance sheet with good asset quality, funding sources that are diversified, and a strong capital base.

The scale of economic activity and stability in Belize and within the Central American region, has enabled Caye with robust growth in all the bank’s core products. In addition to this we believe our diverse range of international finance services offered over the last two decades, has allowed us to play an integral role in the growth and prosperity of not just the island of Ambergris Caye but Belize itself.

On-going investments of the bank will be in new products, human capital and technology, coupled with strategic diversification into new business areas, as well as increased attention to risk management, liquidity and successful regional diversification. This I believe will firmly establish Caye International Bank as a major financial institution within the Central America region over the next several years, and providing the bank with a platform to expand into international jurisdictions further afield.