Getting Started With An Offshore Online Bank Account

Bottle On Shore With Money InsideTwo of the biggest trends in 21st century banking include the rise of online banking and the rise of offshore banking. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that the two are becoming increasingly popular when used in conjunction with one another.

Discover more about the perks of offshore online bank accounts, as well as how to get started yourself, thanks to this guide.

Understanding the Benefits of Online Offshore Banking

There are a wide variety of reasons that investors turn to offshore online banking rather than traditional banking in a domestic location.

Offshore banking brings with it perks like potentially lower capital gains taxes, lower overhead fees, greater diversity in the portfolio and a greater number of investment opportunities and foreign currencies to choose from.

Online banking, on the other hand, lets you navigate your investments from any location, and you can better take advantage of your assets with this means of banking.

Picking the Right Location for Your Account

It is important to remember that even if you never step foot into an actual bank, thanks to the online component, the location will still be integral to the success of your investments. Offshore locations are numerous, so you’ll have to think carefully about what banking destination is best for your needs.

Places like Belize are increasingly popular thanks to their low rates of taxation for foreign investors, their overall low cost of living that translates to lower banking fees, their appeal as a vacation spot or retirement destination and the relative proximity to the United States.

Accessing Your Online Account

Setting up your offshore online account starts the same way as many accounts do. You’ll need to provide proof of your identity and your address, and you may also need to supply banks with references from your current bank to guarantee proof of funds.

Once the account is opened, you can create an online user name and password that gives you access to live valuations of your accounts, balances and the opportunity for wire transfers.

Keeping Your Account Safe and Secure

Security and privacy are major concerns for most account holders, so keeping your account safe and secure is vital. Be sure not to access your account using a shared wireless network, like one found in an airport or a cafe. Also, use a complicated password, and change that password frequently to ensure that it remains secure.

Offshore online banking brings together the best of international banking and the convenience of Internet banking. Visit to learn more about the perks and to get a better understanding of how to open your own offshore bank account today.


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