The Best International Investments for Parents and Grandparents

Some of the top international investments for parents as well as grandparents include offshore IRAs, gold and other precious metals, offshore trusts and real estate in international locations.
Three Generation Family Holding Hands On Seashore

Three Generation Family Holding Hands On SeashoreWhen you’re a parent or a grandparent, protecting your wealth is about more than securing your own quality of life. It is also about caring financially for your loved ones and ensuring they have everything they need today as well as years from now. To meet that objective, international investments can be a wonderful choice. They allow you to diversify your holdings, mitigating risk and limiting your financial vulnerability.

Here are some of the top international investments that parents and grandparents should consider.

International Real Estate

If you want to bring together the family more often through vacations and getaways, then investing in real estate overseas might be the perfect option. By buying a vacation home in a tropical location, for instance, you can always host family gatherings and reunions. As you create memories in an emerging real estate market, the chances are good that the price of the property continues to rise over time.

Decades from now, that piece of real estate could be an incredibly valuable holding of your dependents, or it could be where they continue to make memories and celebrate family.

Offshore Trusts

If your primary goal is asset preservation so that your loved ones will definitely have the financial resources they need in the future, then a great investment to consider is the offshore trust. When you establish an offshore trust, you place within it your choice of assets and appointed a trusted financial manager to carry out your wishes.

You can earmark assets for specific people at determined dates or events. For instance, you can offer a specific amount of cash for your grandchild when they graduate college, or you can guarantee money for a child on their wedding day. This allows you peace of mind, because you can rest assured that the future needs of your dependents will be completely taken care of.

Best of all, the assets within the offshore trust won’t be seized if you are bankrupt, and you won’t be taxed if certain investments held within the trust turn a profit.

Gold and Precious Metals

If you’re thinking about long-term financial security, few things can compare to the value and limited risk of gold. Like many other precious metals, gold has been valued throughout history, and there is little reason to suspect that the material would become any less valuable in the future.

Since precious metals aren’t tied to a specific form of currency, this can be a smart choice for those concerned about inflation or instability within a certain country.

Offshore IRA

One fear that some parents and grandparents have is that as they age, their dependents will be forced to financially care for them. In order to prevent that, an offshore IRA, or individual retirement account, might be helpful.

By taking full control over your retirement savings, you may be able to make bolder moves and turn a larger profit, guaranteeing your own financial security for the future.

There are plenty of great reasons to choose international investments, but parents and grandparents often select the investments above so that they can financially care for their dependents today, tomorrow and years into the future.

We’re ready to help you make the wisest choices with your investing. Contact us today and let’s start planning together.



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