Dig Deeper Into the World of International Investments

InvestmentsA financial investment can be described as the spending or lending of resources in the hopes of receiving more resources in return at a date in the future. Domestically, some of the most popular types of investments include IRAs, 401ks and mutual funds.

While domestic investments can be a solid place to start, it is important to diversify your portfolio and give yourself more financial security in the long term by opting for international investments as well.

Offering potentially lower investment fees, greater profit margins and even reduced taxes on profits, it is easy to see the appeal of offshore and international investments. Add to your portfolio with one or more of these international investment opportunities.

Gold and Other Precious Metals

Investors who are looking for an international opportunity with a history of value and a lot of long term potential might want to look specifically at gold and other precious metals. Once used as currency and not linked to any one particular country’s economy, gold can be an excellent way to create a financial safety net for virtually any situation. Those with a focus on estate planning can also appreciate how easy it is to gift or transfer gold and other precious metals to loved ones and beneficiaries in the future.

International Real Estate – For Personal Use

A wonderful international investment opportunity is real estate to be used as a vacation home, a future home for retirement or even a full time residence. The idea here would be to purchase international real estate at a low price, use it for years or even decades, and then end up with something that has appreciated in value. In affordable countries like those in Latin America, personal real estate can have some immediate as well as long-term financial benefits.

International Real Estate – For Commercial Use

As mentioned above, international real estate can be hugely beneficial, particularly if you want to live in the property for all or part of the year. However, you can make money on international real estate without ever stepping foot on the property, should you choose. Vacation rentals can be purchased and leased out to travelers, for example, or you could buy a plot of land and wait until development picks up in the area before selling it for a substantial profit.

International Managed Mutual Funds

Investors who treasure diversity and financial security might be interested in an international managed mutual fund. These funds spread out the risk between many investors and then place the capital in countless different investments. Profits are shared, but so is the vulnerability, making it a solid choice for many.

International Stocks

If you are used to trading on the New York Stock Exchange but you’re ready for more options and higher profit margins, then it might be time to take your investments onto a global stage. There are a number of international stock exchanges where you can buy and sell stocks at greater risk and reward levels.

If you want your investments to be more secure, more affordable or perhaps more profitable, then consider these international options rather than the more traditional domestic opportunities.

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