Borrow Money Offshore Through a Well-Regulated Jurisdiction

If you plan to borrow money offshore, take time to consider the right currency, avoid terms that seem too good to be true and seek out international jurisdictions with lending regulations in place.
Loan application

Loan applicationBoth individuals and corporations require loans, and there is no shortage of financial institutions willing to lend the money. However, some domestic and offshore banks offer unsatisfactory interest rates, charge extortionate fees or simply aren’t regulated well enough.

Find out what some of the biggest benefits of offshore lending can be, and then investigate how you can select the best jurisdiction for a loan.

Benefits of Offshore Lending

Whether you require a significant loan for large-scale corporate expansion or a small loan to help finance a new car or an advanced education, offshore loans can often be the answer.

In the United States, Canada and much of Europe, lending restrictions tightened with the economic downturn, which made it harder than ever to secure loans. Offshore, those restrictions may be less demanding.

In addition, jurisdictions with low costs of living may offer offshore loans with minimal overhead fees and maintenance costs, which keeps lending expenses low. Finally, it is worth noting that offshore loans are available in a variety of currencies, which can come in handy whether you travel frequently or you are seeking our a loan on behalf of an international business.

Find Loans in the Right Currency

When seeking out an offshore or international loan, one of the first things to consider is what currency you would like to borrow. In many countries, loans are only available in the domestic currency, but offshore banks that cater to international investors and account holders may provide more diversity. Think carefully about what currency you’ll use most often so you can avoid conversion fees when you travel, pay bills or make investments.

Don’t forget that the interest rates of loans can change depending on the currency you want to borrow, and the fluidity of the terms may be directly connected to the stability of the currency.

Skip Over Lending That Seems Too Good to be True

Browsing through offshore loan offers for any amount of time might reveal deals that simply seem too good to be true. If unlimited lending if offered or interest rates are below 4 percent in almost any currency, the deal might be a scam, or it could come from a jurisdiction without financial regulation. Seeking out an offshore loan requires financial records, proof of identity, references and more. If lenders don’t ask for these details before promising funds, you might want to look elsewhere for a more secure loan.

Seek Our Jurisdictions With Lending Regulations in Place

The world truly is your oyster if you want to borrow money offshore. Narrow the search by looking to jurisdictions that have regulations in place for international lending and have a record of upholding their regulations in court. Belize, for example, has several regulations in place to protect borrowers.

The International Financial Services Commission of Belize ensures that loans are only offered by official companies in Belize, that lenders have to prominently disclose terms before signing and that undesirable collection practices are banned.

Offshore lending can be the right choice for individuals and corporations alike, but seeking out a suitably regulated jurisdiction is key.

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