Find Out Why Banking with Caye Bank Provides Stability & Higher Returns

Caye Bank is a great choice for offshore banking because of its tax benefits, variety of banking services, high reserve requirements and liquidity, expert staff and impressive interest rates.

BankingIf you have made up your mind and decided to begin banking offshore, you will have a variety of financial institutions to choose from. One of the top picks is Caye International Bank, which is located in Belize. Find out how Caye Bank delivers incredible service and lots of benefits to account holders from around the world.

Higher Interest Rates for Your Savings

One of the biggest benefits of opening up a bank account through Caye International Bank is having access to higher overall interest rates.

If you were to open up a lifestyle account, for example, you could be making up to 0.50% APR with a balance of over $100,000.

Higher interest rates for account holders translates to greater profits that can be reinvested or used for travel or new investments around the world.

Higher Reserve Requirements in Accordance With Belize Law

When banking offshore, one of the most important things to look at is stability. For a bank to be truly stable, it should meet the local reserve requirements, which dictates how much money the bank has to legally keep on hand at any one time.

In the United States, reserve requirements are quite low, which gives account holders with large balances cause for concern. In Belize, the reserve requirements for banks are three times what they are in the United States.

Higher Liquidity to Provide Stability to Account Holders

Just by meeting Belize requirements, Caye International Bank boasts impressive liquidity. However, they go one step further by also having twice the required liquidity. This goes above and beyond the legal requirement simply to guarantee account holders that their assets will always remain secure and protected whether in a lifestyle account, a checking account, an investment or a CD.

Variety of Banking Services to Choose From

A fantastic benefit of banking with Caye International Bank is having access to a variety of different financial services. Through this single bank in Belize, you can open a checking or savings account, earn high interest rates through a lifestyle account, make an international investment, set up a trust or even take out a loan in a number of different currencies.

Expert Staff

What sets Caye International Bank from its offshore competitors is the caliber of the staff. Customer service personnel are exceptionally friendly and speak English clearly in order to communicate effectively with a global clientele.

Their financial experts are truly knowledgeable on everything from setting up a trust to protect assets to maximizing profits through a lifestyle account. Staff can also help you choose local investments or recommend tax professionals to help you take advantage of the tax rebates possible in Belize.

Location in a Tax-Neutral Jurisdiction

Belize is a unique and appealing banking destination because it does not have a capital gains tax. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you’ll appreciate how much this can save you each year.

Belize does charge some minimal taxes, such as income taxes for local residents, but they are far lower than those you’ll find in Europe or North America.

For an exceptional and secure banking experience offshore, Caye International Bank is a smart choice for individuals as well as businesses. Find out how we can assist you with your offshore banking.



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