How to Set up Private Offshore Accounts

Get a Private Offshore Bank Account

Offshore banking has been appealing to savvy investors for a long time now, and its popularity is only growing. However, many individuals still mistakenly believe that offshore banking is best left to enormous corporations and billionaires.

While these financial titans can (and do) take full advantage of offshore banking, you can do so as well. If you are interested in establishing private offshore accounts, follow these steps to enjoy new financial opportunity, security, and peace of mind.

Choose an Offshore Location

The first step in private offshore banking is determining the nation where you want to open accounts. Keep in mind that offshore is a general description, and plenty of different countries can fall within the category of offshore.

While many offshore destinations offer similar benefits in terms of privacy and investment opportunity, they can differ in many ways as well. For example, not all banking jurisdictions have the same reserve requirements.

This means that banks in Switzerland could have very different security levels from banks in Asia. Also, don’t forget about taxation laws. Some countries offer offshore banking, but levy significant taxes on foreign investors and account holders. Countries like Belize, however, levy minimal or even nonexistent taxes on foreign investors, and the overhead costs of banking are also low.

Select an Offshore Bank

Once you have chosen the right country for your offshore banking, you can narrow it down to a specific financial institution. One of the first things to consider is communication and whether staff can speak your preferred language, communicate in the right time zone and in the medium you choose.

For example, you might want to email one of the banking staff, or even chat online in a secured messaging system. You should also consider the bank’s selection of banking services.

Online banking is a must in today’s world, particularly if you plan on living in a different country than your accounts. Finally, look for banks that have a great reputation in the local community as well as in the banking community at large.

Decide on the Right Type of Accounts

Private offshore accounts come in many different varieties. All prospective account holders have unique financial needs, so be sure to carefully consider the right account type for you.

Some individuals are drawn to lifestyle accounts, which offer impressive interest rates and can help you to boost your savings and stay well ahead of inflation. Another option is a fixed term deposit or even the universally popular demand deposit account, which is similar to a checking account.

Handle the Logistics of Opening a New Account

Once you have made up your mind about location, bank and type of private accounts you will need, then you can begin the formal application process. Typically, application forms will need to be notarized.

Some of the additional documents you may need to supply to the bank of your choice can include proof of residence in a different country, proof of identification and reference letters from another bank. If you are also looking for loan services, other documents like employment information or real estate holdings could also be necessary.

With Caye International Bank, creating private offshore accounts is easier than ever, and it can bring significant financial benefits.

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Luigi Wewege is President of award-winning Caye International Bank, headquartered in Belize, Central America. He is the author of The Digital Banking Revolution, now in its third edition, and has co-authored economic research presented before the United States Congress. He also serves as an Instructor at the FinTech School in California. Mr. Wewege holds an Italian MBA from the MIB Trieste School of Management with a major in International Business and a BSBA with a triple major in Finance, International Business, and Management from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.