What Makes Belize the Best Country for Offshore Investments?

Offshore Accounts

Anyone searching for offshore investments to provide the best in growing wealth and protecting assets needs to look no further than the country of Belize. Belize is renowned worldwide for its international compliance against fraud and is quickly becoming the world’s most respected offshore banking destination.

As a banking conglomerate, Belize is the favored nation of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for enforcing principles in offshore banking. Because of this superior international reputation, Belize has can offer more investment tools than any other nation.

Investment tools available from Belize include:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Real Estate Opportunities

Investing in Hedge Funds in Belize

Hedge funds provide an excellent opportunity to investors wanting to increase their cash wealth or retirement portfolio. Better than mutual funds, which can provide erratic investment returns, hedge funds are more stable and offer more predictable returns. In the United States, hedge funds are only available to designated regulators. In Belize, they are available to all investors. When managed correctly, hedge funds pay high dividends even in weak markets. Belize investors acquire the benefits of lucrative gains without the tax liability assessed in other countries that charge capital gains taxes.

Investing Offshore with Belize Stocks and Bonds

Because the economy of Belize depends on foreign investors, the country offers stock in the country to investors around the world in open markets. Stocks and bonds can be purchased through an international exchange and managed in Belize. Not only are the stocks and bonds subject to the tax rate of the country, but profits are taxed in this capital gains-free environment.

Investors can have instant access to capital provided by stocks and bonds from Belize and never have to worry about planning for interest and principal reimbursement. With a 6.98 percent return on investments of stocks and bonds, investors worldwide take advantage of these tools, thereby making the Belize economy even stronger. In the past five years, Belize has obtained significant increases in its gross domestic product for this reason. The experts at Caye International Bank can assist you in purchasing stocks and bonds in Belize.

Invest Offshore in Belize Real Estate for Profit or Retirement

Many people all over the world invest in real estate in Belize, not just because of the amazingly low cost of living and real estate prices, but because it is a paradise in the Caribbean. Investors find that a real estate investment on a tropical beach front in an English speaking nation is easy to sell for a profit. Because Belize is a two-hour flight from major American cities such as Miami and Dallas Texas, investment properties can be easily marketed in the United States. Property prices are much lower than those in other countries, and tax rates are assessed at 1.5 percent of the home’s value.

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