International Banking with Caye Bank Provides Numerous Benefits

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Whether you wish to grow wealth, build retirement income, or protect your assets, Caye International Bank offers the best opportunities for offshore investments. Set on the island of Ambergris Caye, this institution provides a full range of banking services to international investors all over the world. Caye International Bank provides its customers with ease of access to accounts while the Belizean government protects the privacy and security of foreign patrons. No other offshore institution offers more services to consumers around the globe.

Caye International Bank provides security with each offshore account. As a country respected worldwide for its financial ethics in fighting money laundering and international terrorism, Belize maintains a favorable position with the United Financial Action Task Force which regulates international trade. This reputation for compliance also makes Caye International Bank a global leader in offshore banking and eligible for the best interest rates in the world.

Offshore Banking Services Offered by Caye International Bank

Caye International Bank offers a wide variety of financial services for investors of all financial backgrounds. Most accounts can be opened from the comfort of your home, creating a secure environment for your money. International banking options include:

*Export Investments
*Hedge Funds
*Real Estate
*International Services and Money Wiring
*Letters of Credit
*International Mortgages
*Expat Accounts
*Pre-paid MasterCards

International services are available to investors of any level of income. Accounts can be opened with as little as $1,000 down and representatives are available 24 hours a day. These highly trained experts can answer questions about available services and assist consumers in obtaining offshore banking services.

Caye International Bank is the World Leader of Customer Service

Caye International Bank of Belize is the industry leader of superior customer service. Belize is a stable democratic country that is funded by the investments of shareholders from around the world. Because investment funds are beneficial to the economy of the country, the government of Belize creates national laws that protect foreign investors and their assets. Unlike domestic banking institutions, Caye International Bank enjoys customer centered government regulations that allow them to provide protection and security to investors rather than creditors.

Under Belizean law, investor’s transactions are protected by stringent policies that state that a creditor’s name and total of assets are not published as public record. This gives investors a sense of security when opening an account. Caye International Bank will never release an investor’s personal information without a court order.

In addition to security and privacy, Caye International Bank offers the highest level of customer service available. These highly trained experts foster a working relationship with each client designed to last a lifetime. They pride themselves on offering the best international service available.

Bank Offshore with Caye International Bank of Belize

Caye International Bank Limited is an Unrestricted Class “A” International Bank that specializes in constructing profitable offshore investment portfolios with the greatest integrity in the international banking industry. Because English is their first language, communication is simple. Visit their site or call them at 011-501-226-2388 today to speak with a highly qualified investment expert.

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Caye International Bank Limited (CIBL) was granted an Unrestricted "A" Class International Banking License on September 29th, 2003 by the Central Bank of Belize and is regulated by the Central Bank of Belize which set the standards for liquidity and capital adequacy.