5 Reasons to Consider Latin America for Your Financing Needs

Financing in Latin America is growing increasingly popular thanks to banking security, flexible lending terms, the ease of qualifying for loans, the availability of multiple currency types and potentially lower banking fees.

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At some point in life, virtually every individual will need some kind of financing. Many college students take out loans to pay for their education, it’s hard to find an adult without a credit card and many individuals take out mortgages for their homes. Businesses are no different, with many requiring financing for the purchase of supplies or for an international expansion. While there are plenty of reasons to need a loan, there are nearly as many lenders to choose from. Discover why financing in Latin America can be such a great opportunity for borrowers.

1. You Can Get a Loan Without Perfect Credit

Prior to 2008, securing a loan in a place like the United States wasn’t especially challenging. Even borrowers without a steady source of income, or those with poor credit scores, could snag mortgages and other loans.

In the past decade, however, that has changed drastically. Many average borrowers aren’t able to get the financing they need from domestic lenders. In contrast, Latin American banks tend to have more lenient lending prerequisites. All this means is that even if you don’t have the perfect credentials on paper, a loan is likely still available to you.

2. Lower Loan Origination Fees and Monthly Fees 

In addition to paying back a loan with interest, borrowers can encounter a wide range of additional costs throughout the financing process. Loan application or origination fees are common, and many lenders also charge monthly fees.

These may drive profit, but they often cover administrative and overhead fees. In Latin America, where overhead costs tend to be lower, the subsequent banking fees can also be substantially lower.

3. Snag a Loan in Varying Currency Types

Domestic loans are often only available in the local currency. While this could be suitable for some borrowers, more prefer to have a choice. If you opt for a personal or corporate loan from Latin America, you can choose from a wide range of currency types. In fact, you can even opt for more than one currency type within the same loan.

4. Terms of the Loan May be More Flexible

Ultimately, the best loan will be the one that best meets all of your financial needs. Since this means different things to different people, flexibility and customization is key. One of the biggest benefits of Latin American financing is that the terms of many loans are flexible. You can make changes to things like interest rates or repayment schedules, tinkering the factors until you have settled on the right loan for you.

5. Many Latin American Banks are Incredibly Secure

People often think of stability when choosing a bank to store assets, but stability is also important when borrowing. If banks collapse, they can sell debt, and you may be indebted to a third party you don’t like. Latin American banks are often more secure than their North American counterparts thanks to higher reserve requirements. In places like Belize, for example, bank reserve requirements are three times higher than they are in the USA.

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