What Are the Best Ways to Invest in Gold?

Some of the best ways to invest in gold include gold certificates, gold coins, gold bars, gold jewelry, gold ETFs and stocks in gold mining companies. 
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Ocean and Dollar Sign Investing in gold is a wonderful idea, and it is a common way for savvy investors to diversify their wealth and enjoy the benefits of assets not tied to a specific currency.

However, even with the array of clear advantages that holding gold can bring, there is sometimes confusion about how to go about gold investments.

Get to know the best ways to invest in and hold gold in order to determine the right choice for you. 

Invest in an ETF

An ETF, or exchanged-traded fund, tracks commodities such as gold. An ETF works similarly to a stock, allowing you to purchase a set amount of gold at a set, publicly-traded price. Your ETF shares can be bought or sold at any time, making it very convenient. While it can be easy to invest in an ETF, since you don’t need to store the gold or transport it, you will not benefit from physically holding on to the gold and storing it under your direct control.

Buy Stocks in Gold Mining Companies

Another way to invest in gold is to buy stocks in gold mining companies. This doesn’t involve actually owning or holding gold, but it is a way to invest in companies that rely on gold mining for their profits. Investing in a gold mining firm is like investing in any other single-stock enterprise.

If the company does well, which often means successfully mining a significant amount of gold, then your stocks will do well. Buying stocks in gold mining companies may be a long-term way to build wealth, particularly if you want to make the most of gold’s universal value without the hassle of physically holding or storing it on your own.

Purchase Gold Jewelry

Those who are relatively new to the world of gold investments might want to think about doing so on a smaller scale. In this case, buying gold jewelry can actually be a promising option. This is probably the most common way to invest in gold, although many people who purchase gold jewelry do it for fashion or style rather than financial security.

In places like China, many individuals still purchase gold jewelry rather than relying on banks, which means that they can carry and wear their wealth with them wherever they go.

Purchase Gold Coins and Bars

A step up from gold jewelry is investing in gold coins or bars. While there is the issue of storage, insurance and transportation to take into consideration, physical gold can offer peace of mind to investors. This may also be a long-term investment solution that can be passed on to dependents in the future.

Buy Gold Certificates

Those who want to legally own and hold gold, but who want to keep it stored securely in a financial institution, may opt to buy gold certificates. These certificates are guarantees that a bank or holder will protect and store the gold that investors own in their secure facility.

There may be fees involved with buying gold certificates, but they are still a very convenient option for many investors.

At Caye International Bank, we can help you explore the best ways to invest in gold that meet all of your legal, financial and security needs. 

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