Offshore Banks Help Investors Weather an Economic Storm

Although the global financial meltdown seems to be nearing its end, economic issues are still uncertain in many places including the United States. One way to combat this is to open an offshore account in a smaller country like Belize in Central America. These countries offer a stable economy and generous tax laws to help attract outside currency. Opening an offshore account is the best way to make assets grow, diversity portfolios, and protect a nest egg for retirement. You can even choose to retire in Belize and take advantage of having access to the local currency 24/7.

Offshore BankingAlthough the global financial meltdown seems to be nearing its end, economic issues are still uncertain in many places including the United States.

Ironically, some Central American countries such as Belize, which base their currency on the U.S. dollar, can actually be much calmer, economically speaking, than the U.S. This is because these smaller countries feel a big positive impact from American investment and banking in a way that much larger economies would not.

And for the offshore bank customer, this means that these smaller nations often give tax and other onerous fees a holiday for their foreign depositors.

Watch Those Assets Grow

Articles like this one explain the many benefits brought to U.S. holders of offshore savings accounts and other banking products. There’s no better way for investors to decide if an offshore bank is right for them than talking to expats who have walked the walk, not just talked the talk, as well as experts in the field who help arrange these situations every day.

Diversify for Maximum Safety

It’s an old saying that the key to investment portfolio safety is diversification, but it’s true: with money in many different pots as is done in a mutual fund, for example, an investor is protected from any one particular indicator or industry taking a bad turn.

Offshore accounts make it easy to diversify, by essentially finding hotspots for growth in ways not as possible in the U.S. And since these “hotspots” are spread over various industries and vehicles, depositors’ wealth stability can be much more efficiently achieved.

Look into Retirement or Just Easy Living

When transactions can be conducted in the local currency, many headaches can be avoided because one’s money is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here to see that this is just one of the many reasons why retiring in the country holding your offshore account is such a pleasant option.

Of course, also perfect for retirees of any age are the pristine beaches and ocean, plentiful golf and other outdoor activities, and the contented vibe that is felt when living in a politically stable, economically prosperous, and ecologically blessed country like Belize.

Get Started Now

With all of the recent interest in a safe location for their wealth, U.S. investors, both those who want to relocate for retirement as well as those who just want to keep their money offshore, have never been offered a better opportunity to take part in a system that the “1 percent” has known about for a long time.

Offshore accounts are no longer just for that elite or for insiders; now is the time when regular people who want to protect their nest egg and help it grow can leave the disadvantages of the United States economy and tax code far behind.




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