Offshore Banking In Belize Provides Leading Investment Opportunities

The warm climate and access to the ocean makes Belize an attractive retirement destination. Many other places offer the same advantages, but Belize also offers a stable government and a stable currency, helping to make retirees feel comfortable and safe in their decision. Those who wish to prepare for a retirement in Belize by transferring assets there will enjoy the advantage of a no-tax regime, helping their assets increase at a higher rate than if they had left them in onshore accounts. They also enjoy the benefit of having assets available in more than one currency.

Banking in BelizeA lot of people want to use offshore banking because they plan to retire somewhere other than their native country. They wish to have assets established in their retirement destination prior to the event. Belize is a popular retirement destination because of its climate but also because of its stable government.

The local currency is tied to the U.S. dollar and is considered stable. Those who retire in Belize have the option of withdrawing funds from an ATM in either U.S. dollars or Belize dollars. Many local businesses accept U.S. currency. The exchange rate is two Belize dollars to one U.S. dollars, so converting is quite simple when American money is not accepted.

Belize is a no-tax regime, so investors see enhanced returns on their investments as dividends and interest are not taxed. Read more about the advantages of banking in Belize here.

Many Investment Options

Every good investor knows that diversity of investments is the key to both stability and growth. Banks and investment firms in Belize offer stocks, bonds, annuities and insurance policies. Investors can also explore many alternative investment options, such as precious metals, real estate, venture capital funds and hedge funds.

Many investment firms and banks in Belize enjoy a reputation for excellent returns on alternative investment vehicles as well as traditional investment options. The risk on the alternative investment options is mitigated by the absence of a tax burden on those returns. Learn more about alternative investment options in Belize by clicking on this link.

Offshore Trusts

While some investors are attracted to offshore banking by the prospect of growing their assets more easily, others want to simply protect their hard-earned savings. Offshore trusts in Belize offer investors protection from unstable real estate prices at home. Many people who place assets in offshore trusts may be concerned about the national debt in the United States as well as the overall condition of the economy.

The requirements for establishing a trust in Belize are quite simple to meet. Click to learn from other article how to set up an offshore trust in Belize.



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