Should You Consider Offshore Investing in Belize?

Although offshore investing was once a financial move left for major corporations or individuals trying to hide their wealth, today it is a recognized, legal and smart way to diversify your assets and make the most of your holdings. There is no end to the potential offshore locations to place your funds, but Belize is a top pick thanks to the low taxation rates, the stability of the banks and the history of nonintervention on behalf of the national government. Since there are a number of retirees and frequent travelers who come to Belize, it is also a great choice even if you don't have a huge amount of money to invest.

Offshore Investing in BelizeWith the financial advantages and stability of banking internationally, Belize has become a popular spot for savvy investors from around the world.  Many investors who are interested in diversifying their portfolio and planning for their financial future will turn to international investments.

The reasons for this are varied, but investors often mention the lower rates of taxation, the safety net in the event of a domestic banking issue and the flexibility to manage their accounts as they desire. While there are certainly dozens of places where you can choose to place your funds, offshore investments in Belize are increasingly popular for all of the following reasons.

Banking Stability

When you are investing a significant portion of your wealth, you will want to ensure that the bank is located in a stable environment. Thankfully, banks in Belize have a high percentage of their bank holdings liquid at any time. In fact, the number of liquid assets is typically three times that of a traditional North American bank, which allows for rapid withdrawals and no lengthy waiting periods.

History of Non-Intervention on Behalf of the Government

A worry of many business investors, corporations and individuals is that their assets could potentially be seized or frozen in the event of a bankruptcy or legal matter. While no one wishes for these things to happen, placing a portion of your wealth offshore where the government won’t intervene can give you a sort of safety net to care for yourself as well as your family in the future.

Physically Close to North America

Although many offshore investments can be made entirely over the phone or online, it is always helpful to be physically close to the banks themselves, especially if you are dealing with a larger sum of money. Belize is just a short flight from the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, and travelers from Florida can be there within 90 minutes on a chartered flight.

Ideal for Retirees or Frequent Vacationers

Many people who choose to invest internationally are actually frequent travelers or those ready to retire. Nowhere could be a better place to retire than the warm and affordable beaches of Belize.

Offshore investing is a key way to diversify your portfolio, protect your assets and prepare for the future. Click here to discover more about why Belize could be the perfect fit for your investments offshore.




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