5 Advantages of Offshore Investment in Belize

Placing your money, savings and investments in the hands of someone unfamiliar is not easy, but offshore investing can be a smart way to protect and grow your assets. Since banking systems like those in Belize offer privacy, investors appreciate the unique investment opportunities and chances for income generation. Accounts are easy to open and close, even from abroad, and most of your investments will be tax-free. Since Belize offers stability and a currency that is linked directly to the American dollar, it is a top pick for investors looking for safe offshore investment options.

Offshore InvestmentIf offshore investment worries you, put your mind at ease with some of the many advantages available to international investors and account holders.

For many people, the idea of offshore investments is confusing and overwhelming. Thankfully, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In countries like Belize, offshore banking is simple and streamlined, and there are numerous advantages compared to banks in places like Europe and North America. Here are just five of the biggest benefits of offshore investments in countries like Belize, which are ideal for investors, retirees and anyone interested in growing and protecting their savings.

1. Total Control Over Your Banking Decisions

The first thing that anyone should look for when considering international or offshore investing is how much control they will have over their money. Banking systems should be able to give you privacy and confidentiality without government intervention. You can invest, deposit or withdraw any amount of money from your account at any time, and you don’t need to worry about government interference or regulation stopping you at any point.

2. Tax-Free Investments

Perhaps the biggest reason of all to consider offshore investments is taxes. Keep in mind that investing in a destination like Belize is not illegal, and you are not avoiding tax collection or breaking the law in any way. Rather, Belize doesn’t have a tax system in place, which means that residents don’t need to pay money on their investments or their savings. In addition, holding money in offshore accounts may reduce your own tax liability back in your home country.

3. Absolute Stability When it Comes to Banks and Financial Institutions

If you are concerned about the stability of offshore accounts, you shouldn’t be. Countries like Belize are politically stable, and they tie their currency directly to the American dollar. Plus, most international banks are required to have much higher reserves than those in the United States. In Belize, for example, banks have three times as much of their account balances liquid at all times in case of problems or rapid withdrawals.

4. Unique Investment Opportunities

In countries outside of the United States, investors are able to take advantage of different types of investment opportunities. Offshore investing gives you new options, and all of them net higher returns on average.

5. Simplicity of Opening and Closing Accounts

Many retirees overseas and those interested in investing avoid opening a new bank account because of the perceived time and effort that it might take. However, opening a bank account in a place like Belize takes just a few minutes if you have all of your basic documents on hand. Believe it or not, you don’t even have to be there in person to open up an account.

These are just some of the biggest advantages of investing offshore. To learn more about opportunities in Belize, click here.



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