What Offshore Investments are Best for Parents?

While many different offshore investments are suitable for parents, some of the most popular include precious metals like gold, international investment funds, offshore trusts and international real estate.
Young Family

Young FamilyOffshore investments are often preferred over domestic investments for a number of reasons. Offshore investments can help you to diversify your portfolio, they may offer greater potential for profit and they can be anonymous and free from government intervention. It is often assumed that offshore investments are best left for overseas residents, retirees or millionaires, but everyday parents can also benefit from them in a big way. The following are some of the best offshore investments for parents who have their family in mind.

Offshore Investment Funds

If you don’t have dependents, taking big risks in the goal of major profits might be something you can afford to do. However, many parents prefer to take calculated risks that leave them less exposed to financial ruin. A great investment that covers this requirement is the offshore investment fund.

You pool your funds with a number of other investors, and the sum is managed by a financial expert who invests into dozens of different enterprises. Since the risk is shared among multiple companies and multiple investors, it is a safer and more secure option for those who want to guarantee financial security for their children in the foreseeable future.

International Trusts

Although an offshore investment fund can be a savvy opportunity for parents today, many people with children are also looking to the future. It can be scary to think that you may not always be around for your loved ones, but preparing for the worst is the responsible course of action.

An international trust allows you to place the assets of your choosing in a secure and managed account that can only be accessed in the future by the person you designate. An international trust can be used to pay for your child’s college tuition 10 years down the road or even your granddaughter’s wedding 20 years from now. If you want to reduce your legal taxation amount and guarantee safekeeping for assets, a trust is the answer you’ve been looking for.

International Real Estate

Parents are often looking long-term when it comes to offshore investments, which is why international real estate can be a smart option. Property can be used exclusively as a way to generate income through immediate rentals, or it can do double duty as a family vacation spot for the next few years. Either way, the result will be a piece of land and perhaps a home that your children can have access to in the future.

Precious Metals Like Gold

One of the smartest offshore investments for parents, as well as one of the more popular choices, is gold. This precious metal has been valuable for thousands of years, making it a safe choice for perpetual value. Plus, gold is not linked to any one particular currency. If you are worried about the future of the government or the stability of the domestic banking system, investing in gold is a great backup plan. Solid gold bars or coins can be easily transferred from one generation to the next, which makes gold the obvious choice for additional security for yourself, your children and even their children.

Parents can benefit from investing offshore in a number of ways. If you’re ready to get started, click here to learn more about your options.




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