Business Principals and Standards of Caye International Bank

Code of Business & Ethics of Caye International Bank

Joel Nagel, Chairman of the Board

The Code of Business Conduct & Ethics is founded on the values of the firm and – together with the policies that are based on it – has the intention of laying the foundations for an ethically orientated corporate culture. The Code therefore acts as an important bridge between the "Vision & Values" document on the one hand and the individual CIBL policies on the other.

The purpose of this "Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of CIBL" (the Code) is to establish and maintain high standards of business conduct and ethical behavior for all CIBL’s Board of Directors and Employees. It guides us when we interact with our stakeholders – e.g. clients, employees, shareholders, regulators and business partners.

Adherence to this Code and to CIBL policies and practices is fundamental to our culture and values. Combined with our Corporate Governance guidelines, this Code will help us deliver sustainable value to our shareholders and clients, promoting the long-term success of CIBL.

The Code – in conjunction with the accompanying material found in our Policies and Procedures Manual – sets out CIBL’s behavioral and ethical standards. It provides guidance and examples, helping us to take the right course of action. The Board of Directors of CIBL fully endorses this Code and its enforcement.

Responsible Corporate Citizens

We expect all of CIBL’s employees and Board of Directors to follow this Code and conduct themselves in a manner that is above reproach, demonstrating the desire to be responsible corporate citizens. In case of doubt, we are expected to exercise good judgment – in line with the spirit of the Code’s standards.

Our adherence to this Code is essential to preserving Caye International Bank's most valuable asset – our reputation.