Why Choose Offshore Banking?

Offshore Banking in Belize offers you a number of concrete advantages that you can’t get from investing in American, Canadian or European banks.

Privacy: Your Money is Your Business in Belize

Belize is a no-tax regime which offers privacy and confidentiality to its clients. The lack of Government intervention leads to greater confidentiality and less restriction.

There are no exchange controls, which means that you can take out or put in money at any time. Your banking information belongs to you.

Stability: Your Investment is Safe in Belize

Belize is politically stable and the currency is presently tied to the US dollar at a fixed rate of 2:1. This means you can have confidence that your money is safe and that devaluation is unlikely.

Moreover, asset protection means that assets held under certain structures (e.g. IBCs and trusts) are protected from lawsuits, judgments and divorce settlements.

Reserve requirements in Belize are at least four times the reserve requirements in the United States, which gives great stability to the banking system.

New Financial Opportunities From Offshore Investment

By keeping your money with Caye International Bank you have the opportunity to invest in new markets you don’t have access to in the USA as well as giving greater access to high-level financial experts.

Offshore centers attract high-level financial experts, which means that you have access to high quality assistance when it comes to managing your money. Belize is a leader in making sure its practitioners are qualified. Caye Bank´s Executive Management Team has over 50 years of U.S., Belize and International Banking experience between them.

Offshore income under certain structures accumulates tax-free, leaving more to invest. In addition, offshore investments also accrue at a significantly faster rate than onshore investments due to the elimination of capital gains tax.

Caye International Bank offers competitive interest rates to our depositors that are 50 to 100% higher than in the United States and opens access to a world of investments closed to U. S. and small investors.

Ease of Opening An Account

Opening an account is easy.  Once we’ve received the right documents from you, we can open your account and you don’t even have to be present. Our executive bankers are easily accessible and available to help you with your financial questions.

Free Guide

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