Why Offshore

Why Offshore

Why choose Caye International Bank?

Why Choose Caye International Bank?

Private offshore banking in Belize, Central America offers you a significant number of concrete advantages that you simply cannot get from investing within any American, Canadian or European based banks.

Privacy: Your money is your business

  • Belize has a stable growing economy with a zero-tax jurisdiction, and strong bank secrecy laws, which benefits Caye bank clients through increased privacy and confidentiality.
  • There are no exchange controls in Belize, which means that you can take out or deposit money at any time, and your banking information will always belong to you.

Stability: Your investment is secure and safe

  • Belize is politically stable with a local currency that is pegged to the United States dollar at a fixed rate of 2:1. This means that bank clients can have confidence that their money is safe, and that currency devaluation will not occur. Additionally, Belizean asset protection laws ensures that bank client assets held under certain structures for example: IBCs & trusts are protected from lawsuits, judgments and divorce settlements.
  • Besides the asset protection, investors can also feel safe when depositing their money in Belize because essential bank reserve requirements in Belize are at least four times the reserve requirements of those in the United States for their local banks. An example of this is Caye International Bank, which has one of the highest liquidity ratios of any global bank, and this is currently at approximately 24%.

Trust: Profitable and long-lasting relationship

  • Caye’s management team consists of international experts with extensive financial experience across many sectors, and industries whose primary mission is to manage, preserve and enhance the wealth of all bank clients.
  • We believe you will find our global perspective, know-how, and tailored solutions not only distinguish us from other private international banks, but provide you with the kind of banking expertise, performance and security you require in the on-going management of all your financial affairs.

Ease: Opening an offshore bank account

  • An application for bank account opening at Caye is a simple process, and can be facilitated from anywhere in the world.
  • Throughout the entire process Caye’s executive bankers are easily accessible and available to help you with any financial questions you may have.

Contact our customer service team today and find out how international private banking can help get you the most for your money. Alternatively, if you would prefer to begin the process of opening either your personal or corporate bank account today, all you need to do is complete our online contact form here.