Prepaid Mastercard

Prepaid Visa Card

The Caye International Bank Prepaid Visa card is a reloadable card that makes everyday purchases fast, easy, convenient and secure. It's a much more cost effective and efficient way of managing your spending from your international account at Caye Bank.

Key Features of the Bank Card Include:

  • Available to both personal and corporate accounts holders
  • The card can be preloaded with up to USD $20,000
  • Can be used anywhere Worldwide that displays the Visa card logo
  • Cash withdrawals available from ATM machines worldwide
  • Enhanced 24/7 Online Services
  • Self Card Activation/PIN change/forgotten or lost PIN
  • 24/7 Live operator Help
  • Transfers Between Card Holders

Bank Prepaid Card Application:

Applicable International Prepaid Visa Card Charges:

Fee Reference Amounts in USD
Loading Fee 3% of  the amount being loaded
Annual Membership Fee $50.00
Chargeback Fee $40.00
Courier Fee Depends on Destination
Account Maintenance Fee $3.00
Card Activation Fee $3.00
Declined Transaction Fee $2.00
ATM Balance Inquiry $2.00
ATM Withdrawal $5.00
Pin Change $2.00
POS Purchase/Decline $3.00
Inactivity Fee (After 90 days of inactivity) $10.00
FX Fee 3%
Cross-Border Fee 3%

*These fees are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Bank.