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Caye International Bank offers the following types of real estate loans in five different currencies:

  • Personal for: condo financing, residential mortgages, and residential construction loans.
  • Corporate for: commercial mortgages, commercial construction, and land development loans.

Interest Rates:

Currency Interest Rates
United States Dollar (USD) 11% APR

Loan Specifications:

Reference Details
Loan To Value Ratio 50:50
Amortization Term 5 to 30 years
Collateral Property being financed
Loan Processing Fees 1.875% of the loan amount

There is no prepayment penalty if the loan is paid in full after the first year. Flexible repayment schedules and terms are available, and please contact our customer service team for more information.

Loan Application Requirements:

  • All loan applications must be completed and signed by the borrower(s), and the bank requires proof of income of one or more of the following:
    • Tax returns showing the first 2 pages;
    • W-2's for at least the last two years; and
    • a personal bank statement.
    • For corporate loans, we require in addition to the above:
      • Financial statements of the company applying for the loan for the last two years, and a personal guarantee.

Bank Account Requirements:

  • Any client applying for financing will be required to have an existing bank account with Caye International Bank in good standing.
  • Please refer to either the personal or corporate application pages, for more information on how to apply for a bank account and documents required.

Financing Your Dream Home:

Any property loans applied for with the real estate being outside of Belize, the bank will require the client to setup a local limited Belize company. Although before going ahead and registering the company please do contact us first.