Loans With Caye International Bank

Types of Loans

Caye International Bank offers a wide range of loan options:

  • Personal
  • Commercial secured credit loans, which include lines of credit, capital purchases, letters of credit and working capital
  • Real Estate loans to include condo financing, residential mortgages, residential construction loans, commercial mortgages, commercial construction loans and land development loans

Interest Rate

  • Swiss Francs 4.5% APR
  • Euros 7.5% APR
  • Canadian Dollars 8.5% APR
  • British Pounds Sterling 6.5% APR
  • U.S. Dollar 11% - 13% APR

Flexible repayment schedules and terms available.

Loan Applications

All loan applications must be completed and signed by the borrower(s).

Proof of Income - One or More of the Following:

  • Tax Returns for at least two years (first 2 pages)
  • W-2's for at least two years
  • Bank Statements
  • Financial Statements (Corporations) for at least two years
  • Corporate Projections (if applicable)

Other Requirements

  • Any borrowing client will be required to have a deposit account with Caye International Bank
  • A Financial Reference Letter is required on all signatories & beneficial owners on the deposit account letter must include Full Name and Address of Bankers
  • Certified copy of Passport on all signatories & beneficial owners of the deposit account
  • A current utility bill on all signatories and beneficial owners of the deposit account


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