Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Caye is well positioned in a growing industry

Bank Information Overview

  • Caye’s history begin in 1996 as a Belizean mortgage company, and after continued success over several years the decision was taken to become an international bank. This was granted on September the 29th, 2003 when Caye received an unrestricted Class A - International Banking License from the Central Bank of Belize.
  • The financial institution is considered global in its operations focused on offering financial services to any international individuals and corporations located outside of the country of Belize. The bank offers a full range of traditional banking services as well as different savings accounts in multiple currencies.
  • Caye has built up considerable knowledge of the Central American financial market due to the many years of experience in providing services to corporate and individual customers within the region. The mission of the bank is to support customers to succeed in their financial affairs presently and in future.  The bank goals we have stem from our mission, which is to offer financial services while at the same time providing the highest levels of customer support.

Bank Strategy for 2021 to 2023

  • Increasing bank customer acquisition is the most important investment for the future growth, which should contribute to a rise in value to the shareholders.
  • The bank continuing to focus on customer financing providing a variety of loans will remain an important element for diversifying assets. Also, focusing on the loan growth within strict risk and value creation criteria will ensure the bank’s continued growth into the future.
  • Its envisioned that by leveraging, and optimizing the digital online platforms will help attract a new much younger demographic of clients, and revenue stream for the bank.
  • The retail deposit base of the bank is forecasted to continue its growth over the next year, and to maximize profitability the deposit base cost will be improved through the identification of better investment returns for the bank.

Caye International Bank Outlook

  • The banking industry is expanding globally due to continued wealth creation that is driven by positive savings rates and long-term capital appreciation. The attractive growth of the industry continues to exceed GDP growth of many western nations. Today, Caye has a strong footprint in Central America and our goal is to achieve above-market growth, as well to gain market share in our three core activities. This requires investments in our business model, which we are making on a targeted basis.
    • With our international bank accounts, we aspire to become the leading savings provider in the region, as well as continuing to tailor our offering to the specific needs of our customers. To increase awareness of Caye, we continue to expand our team of professional regional managers located in main cities around the world who provide business development within their areas concerning the bank’s products and services. 
    • In financing, we want to gain further market share based on our positioning as an established well-known bank, who provides a superior level of customer support, and is willing to work with customers who obtain loans within the region by being flexible with how repayment schedules and the underlying terms are structured.
    • Our financial services, offering innovative solutions as well as our continued focus on improving our technological capabilities, provide us with very strong foundations for the bank’s further growth. Across all our core activities, we aim to use the benefits of digitalization to improve the client experience and to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.