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Yes, we accept cash deposited but do we do require 2 business days’ notice, and charge a fee of 3% on the amount deposited. The bank also allows cash withdrawals which requires 2 business days’ advance notice, and a charge of 3% on the amount withdrawn will be applied.

You can setup an international wire transfer from your current bank account to Caye International Bank in any of the major foreign currencies.

Access to any of Caye’s private international bank accounts are operated online through a secure 24/7 online banking platform.

You can withdraw your money through an online funds transfer, or by requesting a wire transfer via Caye’s customer service team by email or telephone. Please note all wire transfers requests received by the bank before 2pm EST will be processed the same day. If received after 2pm EST the wire transfer will then be processed the following business day.

You can make four withdrawals and transfers per statement cycle from your demand deposit account. Please note that you will be charged a fee for each transaction that exceeds this limit of:

  • USD $5 for transferring between bank accounts you with have at Caye; and
  • USD $100 for transfer that are outgoing i.e. to a bank account that you have outside of Caye.

The bank has one of the highest liquidity ratios of any global bank - approximately 24% so you can feel safe when investing your money with Caye International Bank. The reason for our high liquidity is due to The Central Bank in Belize requiring banks to have reserves at least three times the reserve requirements in the United States for their local banks.

There are primarily two differences and the first is the way you access your money, and a demand deposit account gives you more access in transferring to and from your account. The second is regarding the interest rate applicable to each account, and demand deposit rates are almost always at a lower rate than savings due to their flexibility in operating the account. To discover more about our private international bank accounts, please see our overview page here.