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Open Positions

Why Work For Us?

  • Become part of an international financial institution, with opportunities which are global in focus and careers that are both challenging and rewarding. We hire people at all stages of their career - from banking interns and graduates to experienced senior financial experts.
  • Our bank staff come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds including finance, engineering, real estate and technology. We believe our success stems from the bank’s highly collaborative and intellectually stimulating work environment, which is the driving force behind why Caye has such a dynamic culture of innovation and provides the highest levels of client support.
  • If you feel that your expertise or career profile could fit with Caye International Bank, we would welcome hearing from you. To express your interest in potentially working for us please contact us by email, and make sure to attach your CV and/or resume which provides an overview of your career to date.

Joining Caye International Bank

  • We are constantly updating our financial services and product offerings new services, and work daily with people in multiple markets across the world. For you this means constant challenges and opportunities. It also means joining a global community with many different skills and diverse perspectives, united by a common purpose and shared values.
  • Our selection process is rigorous to determine whether Caye is the right place for you, and we assess both your competencies and your values throughout the four-step hiring process: