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Five Things to Look for in an International Bank

Offshore investing is a popular and smart option for many people. Understand what to look for in an international bank to ensure you choose the right one for your needs.

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How to Obtain a Gold Loan

Since as far back as the ancient Egyptian civilization gold has been viewed as one of the most valuable, versatile…

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How to Diversify Your Overseas Investments

When creating your own tailored investment plan, many successful investors have stated the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio. These…

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Is It Time to Consider Private Offshore Accounts?

For businesses and large corporations, it’s easy to see how offshore accounts can help save thousands and even millions of dollars each year. For private individual account holders, that number might be smaller, but it can still be a significant increase in profit potential. Offshore accounts are beneficial because they provide more stability, security and privacy than many domestic accounts, something anonymous bankers crave. In addition, a private offshore account may provide savings thanks to reduced rates of taxation or lower overhead and maintenance fees, both of which are common through banks and financial institutions in countries like Belize.

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Benefit from Offshore Private Banking

Private banking is a challenge to achieve for most investors, especially for people with a high net worth. For instance, a CEO who makes a sizable sum of money saving very public companies from the brink of monetary implosion is subject to having his or her net worth pasted all over financial magazines, newspapers, blogs and television. Talk about feeling vulnerable and picked apart. Wealthier individuals can also become the target of greater government scrutiny as well. Places such as Belize offer the joys of sunshine, warmth, a gentle tide rolling in and the benefits of financial privacy. An added benefit is the government’s non-tax stance.

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Offshore Bank Accounts and You

This article discusses how people can turn their fantasies of retiring to a remote island like Belize into a reality. People choose to retire to Belize or invest in offshore accounts such as personal demand deposits, lifestyle accounts, term deposit accounts, or corporate accounts because of the low cost of living, and excellent rates of return on investments. More importantly, their investments are secure and private. Belize has a no-tax regime and offers many advantages people cannot find in the U.S., Canada, or other European banks; not to mention, people can get started right away through online banking options.

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Why Many People are Investing In Offshore Private Banking Accounts

Many people in the U.S., Canada, and European countries face stunted financial growth because of the economy, harsh government regulations and static investments. Many people are investing in offshore accounts in places like Belize to get a better rate of return on their investments, to ensure better privacy and to take advantage of tax-free investing with more privacy. Whether you are an international traveler, you own a business and want to expand your investments, or you are thinking of retiring to Belize because of its agreeable population, resources and low cost of living, you will find that investing abroad results in profitable benefits.

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Private Banking in Belize

While any offshore bank will emphasize confidentiality, Belize enjoys an excellent reputation on this front, and is a worthy contender for your consideration. Here are the basics of privacy regulations in Belize.

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