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Why Choose a Belize Bank?

Individuals and corporations who choose a Belize bank account do so for the lower overhead fees, the ease of bank staff communication, the range of available services, the financial diversification and the potential for lower taxes.

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5 Steps to Opening an Offshore Bank Account in Belize

To open an offshore bank account in Belize, you’ll need to pick the right kind of account, select the best bank for your needs, meet the bank’s minimum requirements, submit an application and set up your online banking.

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Managing Your Offshore Bank Accounts Online

To take advantage of offshore banking perks, managing your account online can be a secure, convenient and simple option.

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Uncover the Appeal of a Belize Bank Account

Offshore Bank Account

Caye International Bank

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Open a Bank Account Online in Belize

While many may assume that opening an offshore bank account is an intimidating or complicated process, creating an account in English speaking Belize is simple. Our experts can create an account in minutes with just a copy of a passport, proof of address, and a bank reference. Opening an offshore online bank account in Belize is not much different than opening one on domestic soil.

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Bank Smarter with an Offshore Lifestyle Savings Account in Belize

Let’s face it. You did not become a high net worth individual by luck. You built your fortune by making smart investment decisions and by recognizing lucrative financial opportunities when they were presented. When it comes to the safety of your assets, you never take unnecessary risks. Offshore banking in Belize is a rewarding way to build wealth without putting your hard earned assets at risk. As one of the most financially secure establishment in the world, Caye International Bank of Belize provides the most stringent security available worldwide.

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Five Reasons to Invest in Belize

If you are like most Americans, you may be concerned about the welfare of your hard-earned assets in the current state of the economy. With interest rates plummeting, national debt skyrocketing and inflation rising, you may be worried that your asset portfolio may take a plunge off the fiscal cliff. With little chance of economic improvement in the next few decades, you have probably considered alternative options for protecting your assets. Millions of investors worldwide have turned to offshore banking to protect assets and grow wealth. Here are five excellent reasons why you too should bank offshore in Belize.

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Build Wealth Through International Banking

As an investor, you can grow wealth without putting your hard earned assets at risk. International offshore banking provides the opportunity to safely build assets without dicey tactics. In addition to providing asset protection, flexibility, and privacy, offshore banks help many investors have become wealthy through a variety of financial tools. Banking offshore in Belize provides the opportunity for investors to grow a significant amount of wealth quickly.

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An Introduction to Offshore Investing

Offshore banks, such as offshore banking services in Belize offer many investment services, including expat accounts. Online offshore bank accounts in Belize provide flexibility and faster access to assets. Learn how easy Belize offshore investing can.

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