How to Start Investing Offshore

Investing Offshore in BelizeOffshore investing offers a number of impressive benefits. Whether you’re gearing up for retirement, planning for your future, or considering business expansion, you might be ready to take the next step toward investing offshore. Offshore investments can be beneficial for all types of people, and there is no limit to how you can use these investments to your advantage. 

Often, the hardest part about investing offshore is knowing how to get started. If you’ve made up your mind and you’re ready to begin investing internationally, this guide can help you begin the next phase of your financial journey.  Read the rest of this entry »

Caye International Bank, Chaired by Joel Nagel, Named Best Private Bank in Belize for 2019

Best Private Bank Award Global Finance MagazineGlobal Finance Magazine has named Caye International Bank as one of the World’s Best Private Banks for the second year running. The financial institution was named the Best Private Bank in Belize based on a range of factors that included recommendations from top analysts, public filings, company documents, and sources within the financial industry.

As a leading offshore bank located on Ambergris Caye island in Belize, Caye International Bank offers exceptional customer service and professional financial services for investors from around the world.  Read the rest of this entry »

What is Foreign Earned Income Exclusion?

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Form 2555If you’re living or working in a country outside of the United States, then you might be paying foreign taxes. There are some taxes, like foreign property taxes, that you’ll probably have to pay in conjunction with your United States federal income tax.

The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) is a U.S. tax law that ensures that qualifying U.S. citizens and residents can reduce the amount they owe in federal taxes to the IRS on the income they earn while living in another country. It provides tax benefits for individuals and married couples, so find out when it applies and how to take advantage of the exclusion when it comes time to file your own taxes.  Read the rest of this entry »

Why Ambergris Caye, Belize is a Top Retirement Location

Retire on Ambergris Caye BelizeThe small Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye is well known as a top tourism destination in Belize. However, many people are surprised to learn that it is also one of the top places to retire. Surrounded by blue water and an amazing barrier reef, it is easy to see why people would gravitate toward the island.

Explore some of the many reasons why Ambergris Caye, Belize, is a top draw for retirees. Read the rest of this entry »

What Should American Investors Know About FATCA?

FATCA RequirementsFor American investors, offshore banking can seem challenging thanks to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA. Once you understand FATCA, however, it is clear that the legislation doesn’t have to prohibit you from banking or investing around the world.

Learn a little more about FATCA so that you will feel confident establishing accounts overseas. Read the rest of this entry »

Debunking International Real Estate Myths

If you’re considering buying property outside of your home country, you are bound to have questions. If you are lucky to have friends and family who are internationally minded, they may be able to provide some of the answers that you are looking for and are a great support net as you venture into this offshore journey.

But what if your friends and family aren’t on the same page about going offshore? They may bring up more questions that you hadn’t thought of. And may think that Read More...

Make the Most of Your Foreign Savings Account

Belize Foreign Savings AccountA savings account, also known as a deposit account, is a way to safely store your assets and benefit from interest accumulation at the same time. Although many people have domestic savings accounts, having a foreign savings account also offers several concrete advantages.

If you are thinking about opening a foreign savings account, find out how to do so as well as understand what you can do with your account. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Best Offshore Asset Structures in Belize

Belize Offshore Asset StructuresBelize is such an appealing place to invest for many reasons. One of those is that Belize offers a wide range of investment opportunities. What’s important to remember, however, is that offshore asset structures can appeal to different groups of people. A structure that is the perfect solution for one individual might not meet the needs of another investor.

By taking a closer look at the top three best offshore asset protection options, you can get a better feel for the offshore asset structures in Belize that are the right fit for you and some of their requirements. Read the rest of this entry »

Your Guide to Understanding Offshore Banking

Offshore banking guideOffshore banking is a term that gets used a lot, but it isn’t always clear what it means or why it matters. Whether you’re a new investor, a prospective retiree, or someone interested in growing their business, offshore banking could prove to be very advantageous. To take advantage of the benefits of offshore banking, you first need to understand it.

Discover more about what offshore banking is, why it matters, and how it can help you achieve your financial goals. Read the rest of this entry »

How Blockchain Technology Affects Offshore Investing

Blockchain Offshore InvestingOffshore banking and investing are constantly changing. New laws, new economic situations, and new technology impact the way that offshore banks interact with clients, appeal to customers, or protect wealth.

One of the biggest factors changing the landscape of offshore investing is blockchain technology. However, before you can explore its impact, it’s important to understand blockchain technology. Read the rest of this entry »