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Why Belize Is the Best Location for Offshore Companies

Establishing an offshore company in Belize is a popular option for many investors. Learn about the tax advantages and other benefits to setting up a company in Belize.

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13 Reasons to Invest in Belize

Belize is a beautiful place to visit and retire to. It’s also a great place to invest in. Find out some of the top reasons smart investors choose Belize for offshore investing.

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Understanding the Appeal of Foreign Insurance and Annuities

Foreign insurance products, including annuities, are appealing options for those who want to diversify their assets. Find out more about international investing in life insurance and annuities.

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5 Reasons to Consider Latin America for Your Financing Needs

Financing in Latin America is growing increasingly popular thanks to banking security, flexible lending terms, the ease of qualifying for loans, the availability of multiple currency types and potentially lower banking fees.

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Discover Why Alternative Investing is Now Becoming Mainstream

A few reasons for the increasing popularity of alternative investments include new avenues for profit, higher ROIs and a greater level of diversification for your portfolio.

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Making International Investment Funds Work For You

When considering an international investment fund, be sure to pay attention to the fund manager, consider the appropriate financial risk level, enjoy the hands-off approach to investing and maximize your potential tax benefits.

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Could International Investments Boost Your Financial Standing?

International investments can help you improve your financial standing by safeguarding your assets for loved ones, limiting tax erosion, offering new risk levels and profit potential and adding geographic diversification to your portfolio.

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