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How You Can Obtain a Loan Through an Offshore Bank

If you’re eager to obtain an offshore loan, you’ll need to decide on the loan amount, the loan currency, the loan type and the lender. Then, you can formally apply for the loan from an offshore bank.

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Ready to Retire? Consider Banking in Belize

Retirees can benefit from banking in Belize thanks to an array of excellent financial services, potential tax reductions, access to the local currency and lower banking and operating costs.

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5 Tips for Evaluating an Offshore Bank

When evaluating an offshore bank, be sure to look at the services offered, online banking capabilities, staff communication and credentials, reserve requirements and the bank’s location.

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Your Guide to Using a Prepaid Banking Debit Card


A prepaid banking debit card is easy to apply for, offers a range of benefits and works in a convenient and safe way for individuals around the world.

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How Can An Offshore Trust Protect My Wealth?

An offshore trust can better protect your wealth by diversifying your holdings, protecting assets from taxes and legal holdings and setting aside hard-earned assets for your loved ones.

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The Benefits of Starting an Offshore Corporation in Belize

A few of the many benefits for starting an offshore corporation in Belize include freedom from limitations on expansion, reduced taxes, more privacy, increased legal protection and lower operating costs.

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