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5 Tips for Choosing The Right Offshore Bank

When choosing the right offshore bank, be sure to take into consideration customer service, the availability of financial services, any potential language barriers, online banking services and the bank’s location.

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5 Tips for New International Investors

Top tips for new international investors include protecting privacy, choosing a trustworthy bank, picking investment jurisdictions carefully, identifying an overall goal for investments and creating a diversification strategy for investments.

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Is It Safe To Invest Offshore?

Investing offshore can be very safe, particularly when you consider that domestic investment also carries risk, that there is a wide range of investment choices available, that risk levels vary by location and that offshore investing can add diversification to any portfolio.

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Top 6 Ways to Use an Offshore Account

Top ways to use an offshore account include getting a prepaid MasterCard, paying bills online, accessing foreign currency, purchasing international real estate, beginning your estate planning and diversifying your portfolio.

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Types of Offshore Investments That Might Interest You

Just a few of the many offshore investments that might interest you include international venture capitalism, offshore trusts, international real estate and offshore managed funds.

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Are You a Prime Candidate for International Investing?

You might be a prime candidate for international investing if you are searching for new financial opportunities, you want to minimize risks, you want to increase your profit potential, you want to save on taxes or you want to have more financial privacy.

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Why You’re Missing Out if You Don’t Have Offshore Asset Management

Just some of the many advantages of offshore asset management include a more varied and diverse financial portfolio, peace of mind about the condition of holdings, the potential for significantly lowered taxes and more free time.

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Determining Whether You Should be Investing Offshore

You should be investing offshore if you want access to greater portfolio diversification, less financial erosion through reduced capital gains taxes, more opportunities for investments and higher profit potential.

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