Why You’ll Love Your Private Offshore Accounts

FinancesBusinesses have long known about the benefits of offshore bank accounts, but individuals can also take advantage of the many perks. Private offshore accounts offer individuals benefits like the potential for lower taxes, lower overall banking fees, more privacy, greater security and diversification.

Find out what people love most about their private offshore accounts from places like Belize.

No Worries About Governments Intervening

One of the biggest reasons that individuals choose private offshore accounts is because they can offer freedom from the worry of government intervention. In the United States, certain state and federal agencies have the power to close down bank accounts and even freeze your assets.

Even if you never think it will be an issue, it is just an extra safety net that allows you to handle your financial portfolio without fear of any intervention.

The Potential for Lower Taxes

Another definite advantage of opening up private offshore accounts is that the assets stored within these accounts will be offshore, and as a result will likely be exempt from some or all domestic tax schemes.

This is particularly true if you invest your assets and don’t want to pay high rates for capital gains tax. Of course, each jurisdiction for offshore banking is a little different, and each offers their own tax codes. In Belize, however, foreign investors are virtually exempt from taxes, making it a great place to watch your net worth grow over time.

Chance to Explore New Investment Opportunities

By only banking domestically, private individuals may not be exploring the full range of investment opportunities that are available. From your private offshore bank account, you can invest in a range of foreign currencies.

You could also invest in international real estate, either by buying a beachfront vacation home in a tropical destination or purchasing commercial real estate and collecting a monthly income from its lease.

High Reserve Requirements for Banks

The higher a bank’s reserve, the more secure you can be about the future and safety of your assets. Many account holders are surprised to find that in Belize, the reserve requirements are three times what they are for banks in the United States.

That means, essentially, that your assets are three times as safe. Many banks go one step further by keeping an even higher reserve as a way to attract new clients and showcase just how stable and security their financial institution really is. Caye International Bank, for example, has reserve requirements more than twice that which is required by the Belize government.

Increased Financial Diversity

Ultimately, one of the ways that you can most benefit from opening up private offshore accounts is by adding diversity to your portfolio. Instead of placing all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak, you will be spreading your assets and minimizing risk.

Whether your goal is preparation for an enjoyable retirement or financial security for your dependents, financial diversity is always a savvy move. Choosing to open up a private offshore bank account can be a smart way to better protect your assets and do more with your wealth.

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