Making the Most of Your Prepaid MasterCard

Couple Using Debit Card OnlineWhether you travel frequently for work, you run a small business or just want to boost the security of your finances, applying for a prepaid MasterCard can be a fantastic option. Similar in many ways to a traditional debit or credit card, the prepaid card has a limit that is determined by you. Simply transfer the amount you want to be available on the prepaid MasterCard and spend wherever MasterCard is accepted.
Prepaid cards are a smart way to limit fraud or theft, improve your budgeting skills and utilize your foreign or offshore bank accounts. Use the following tips to make the most from your prepaid MasterCard available from Caye International Bank.

Add Registered Users to Your Account

A fantastic way to start getting more from your prepaid MasterCard is by adding registered users to your card’s account. A parent, for example, could apply for a second card to give to their child attending college. If there is an emergency situation where the college student needs access to money in a hurry, the prepaid MasterCard they hold can be used quickly to access the available funds. You could also add a babysitter, a personal assistant or even various employees within a small business.

Withdraw Cash from ATMs

Some credit cards charge incredibly high fees if you want to withdraw cash from an ATM, and not all debit cards are readily accepted around the world. A prepaid MasterCard, however, lets you freely withdraw cash from an ATM because the money already belongs to you and is not being borrowed from a lender like it would be with a credit card. Since MasterCard is one of the most globally accepted card brands on the planet, it is not difficult to find an ATM that is compatible with your card whether you are in New York or Taipei.

Transfer Money Between Card Holders

One function you might not be aware of is transferring funds between card accounts. For example, if you and your spouse both have a prepaid MasterCard through Caye International Bank, you can easily transfer money back and forth between the accounts.

Quickly and Easily Load Your Card Online or on the Phone

One of the best things about having a prepaid MasterCard is how easy it is to load and reload it. If you already have a checking or savings account through Caye International Bank, you can add cash from your account to your card in just seconds. This is possible through the prepaid MasterCard online services as well as over the phone.

Get Assistance 24/7

If you rely on your prepaid MasterCard when traveling or when living overseas, it is vital that it works properly. If there are any questions you have, complaints or simply information you need in a hurry, you can get assistance instantly. Staff are on call 24/7 to help you by phone or online depending on your personal preference for communication.

Whether for security or convenience, a prepaid MasterCard is a great alternative to a traditional debit or credit card. With these tips, you can make the most of this development in bank cards from Caye International Bank.

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