Building the Balance of Your Offshore Savings Account

Saving MoneyAll kinds of people from around the world have chosen to open offshore savings accounts. Retirees might appreciate the long-term security of these accounts, savvy investors might appreciate their opportunity for diversity and travelers might enjoy that these savings accounts can hold their choice of foreign currencies.

Whatever your reason for establishing an offshore savings account, you might benefit from the following tips that can help you to save faster and build the balance of your account.

Automatically Divert a Portion of Income to Savings

One of the keys to building up your bank account’s balance is through consistency. Rather than merely hoping or planning to set aside some money each month for your savings account, ensure that it happens by doing so automatically. You can arrange, either online or over the phone, to have a set dollar amount or percentage of your monthly or weekly income directed to your offshore savings account.

Whether that is your pension or your current salary, the automatic direct transfer will help make saving second nature.

Place Windfalls Directly Into Your Savings Account

A windfall is typically described as money that you receive unexpectedly, or a large amount of money you don’t typically receive. Examples of windfalls could be large tax returns at the end of the year, lottery winnings or inheritances from family. Instead of using these windfalls to splurge and purchase something unnecessary, take them and directly put them into an offshore savings account.

Your day-to-day life won’t change, but you’ll be in a much better financial position for the future.

Save Investment Profits

Making a profit on an investment means making more than your original capital input. A great way to grow your savings account balance is by making it a habit to automatically put any of your investment profits right into the account. You will still have the principal that you can choose to reinvest in order to make even more profit in the future.

Opt for High-Balance Savings Accounts to Build Wealth Faster

When trying to amass more money in your offshore savings account, it is important to pay attention to the rate of interest your money is making for you each month or year. Compounding interest can help your cash grow even if you never touch it or worry about it ever again. A lifestyle account, with an interest rate that grows as your balance does, is a wonderful motivating tool for savers.

Choose Tax Free Jurisdictions in Order to Legally Reduce Taxes

Another way that savvy savers build their bank balances is by choosing to invest and store money in jurisdictions that offer lower tax rates to foreigners. In Belize, for example, you can enjoy a virtually tax-free jurisdiction.

Choosing to place some or all of your wealth overseas does more than just diversify your portfolio: it also reduces your overall expenses and can reduce taxes, allowing you to save more and spend less each year.

Having an offshore savings account is the right step for financial security. To better provide for yourself and your loved ones in the future, utilize these tips to help your savings account balance grow. Learn more about all the ways Caye International Bank can help you with your financial planning.


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