Get To Know The Ultimate Offshore Banking Debit Card From Caye Bank

 Offshore Banking Debit CardWhen you open up an offshore bank account from Caye Bank, you’ll be treated to exceptional financial security, great customer service and online banking options. Now, you’ll also have access to the Caye International Bank Ltd.™ Prepaid MasterCard®.

Offshore banking debit cards are a convenient way to have access to your offshore funds instantly, and having the MasterCard affiliation means that the card is accepted around the world. Find out more about the CIBL Prepaid MasterCard and how it may be beneficial to you.

What is the CIBL Prepaid MasterCard®?

The Caye International Bank Ltd.™ Prepaid MasterCard® is a debit card that is preloaded with the amount of money you want access to. It works like many debit cards, in conjunction with a pin number, and it withdraws cash from your Caye Bank account.

Instead of transferring money on a regular basis or converting cash into a foreign currency, this offshore banking debit card streamlines payment whether you’re at home, overseas or even shopping on the Internet.

Who Can Apply For this Card?

In order to receive one of these easy-to-use debit cards for your offshore bank account, you’ll need to have an existing Caye Bank account and be over the age of 16. You will also need to apply for the card and be approved, a process that typically takes 24 hours.

Shipping and delivery of the card takes place after your application has been approved. Once issued, the card can be used anytime within three years, which is when you’ll get a replacement card.

Anyone with an offshore account can benefit from the debit card: travelers, retirees, business executives and those who want quick access to their hard-earned assets. 

Where is the Debit Card Accepted?

One of the best things about the CIBL Prepaid MasterCard® is that it can be used around the world. It can be used to withdraw cash at most ATMs and it can be used as any other debit or credit card at restaurants, shops and more.

As long as you spot either the MasterCard® or Cirrus symbol, this prepaid offshore debit card will be the perfect way to pay. In the future, the card will even be able to work at Green Dot and Western Union locations.

In short, the card is accepted globally, making it a convenient way to pay for almost anything.

What are the Benefits of the CIBL Prepaid MasterCard®?

There are several things that set this particular card apart from other offshore banking debit cards. The card is secure, an important factor in financial transactions.

Plus, the prepaid card has a limited amount of cash accessible, capping your risk. Card holders don’t have to use the stored value on their card within any time frame, and the remaining balance will always be available to you when you need it.

You can also access your card’s balance online at any time, letting you see exactly where and how much money you’ve spent so far.

Finally, it is worth noting that Caye Bank’s customer service is readily available to answer your questions, transfer money to or from your account, handle any lost or stolen cards or even help you change your pin number.

How Do I Get My Own Card?

If you are sold on the idea of an offshore bank debit card that lets you securely and easily access your funds at any time and nearly any place, then applying for the Caye International Bank Ltd.™ Prepaid MasterCard® is a savvy move. 

If you already have an offshore account of any kind with Caye Bank, simply fill out this form to get started and enjoy the unbeatable benefits of the card right away.

Thanks to a USER ID, a pin number, Caye Bank’s security record and the backing of Mastercard, the CIBL Prepaid MasterCard® can be the ultimate way to pay bills, access cash or do some shopping whether you’re in Berlin or Belize.


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