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Top Ways to Invest Offshore

A few of the top offshore investments include offshore trusts, managed mutual funds, precious metals like gold and silver and offshore real estate in the form of second homes or investment properties.

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What Kinds of Loans Can I Get Banking Offshore?

Some of the most common offshore loans include real estate loans, personal loans, corporate lines of credit and overdraft facilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions About International Investment Through an IRA

By learning more about IRAs, how to include international investments and the benefits of doing so, you’ll be prepared to strengthen your financial standing and your retirement plan.

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3 Ways to Protect Assets Abroad and Comply With U.S. Laws

Three of the most popular and effective ways to protect assets abroad and still comply with U.S. law are creating an international corporation, creating a trust and opting for international insurance.

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Choosing Corporate, Personal or Joint Savings Accounts at Caye International Bank

Caye International Bank offers a number of different offshore accounts. Corporate accounts are best for businesses, personal accounts are designed for individuals and joint savings accounts allow two or more people to combine their assets.

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Tips for Evaluating an Offshore Bank

To evaluate an offshore bank, look at staff expertise, services offered, the bank’s reputation, government stability and local tax laws.

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Moving Overseas? Here is What to Know About Banking in Belize

Preparing for banking in Belize includes choosing the right bank, considering your currency options, understanding the local banking system and learning about the perks of offshore banking.

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Get To Know The Ultimate Offshore Banking Debit Card From Caye Bank

The prepaid MasterCard debit card from Caye Bank is a smart way to access your offshore account and securely pay for all kinds of purchases around the world.

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Diversify Your Investments To Secure Your Retirement Funds

Some of the top offshore investment opportunities for retirees are gold, offshore managed mutual funds, offshore life insurance policies and offshore real estate for personal use as well as to generate a rental income.

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