Top Ways to Utilize Offshore Savings Accounts

BankingOpening up a savings account is a rite of passage for many. It signifies the time when you begin your first job, want to start making the right financial decisions and have decided to truly, earnestly save up for something special.

Although as children and teenagers age their financial opportunities expand, retaining a savings account will still remain an important aspect of your wealth management. It is possible to open up a savings account domestically, but many people opt for an offshore or international savings account instead. Discover some of the top ways to utilize offshore savings accounts.

Enjoy Lower Overall Banking Fees

One of the biggest benefits of opening up an offshore savings account is being able to pay lower overall banking, overhead and maintenance fees. Most savings accounts today, with the exception of those for college students, either request that you maintain a minimum balance or charge monthly fees.

In places where the average cost of living and therefore salaries are lower, these fees will also be lower. This small difference can add up over time to big savings for account holders.

Pay International Utilities, Rents or Mortgages

Another prime reason to open up an offshore savings account is to have access to the local currency when you live or travel abroad. Retirees who plan to move to the beaches of Belize, for example, will benefit from having a savings account from which they can easily withdraw money for monthly utilities, a mortgage on their new home or just everyday expenses.

Diversify Your Currency and Cash Holdings

Of course, it is important to note that one of the most common reasons to have offshore savings accounts is because they offer the potential for portfolio diversification.

If you want to retain a certain amount of cash on hand rather than investing it in stocks, funds or real estate, it may not be advisable to keep it all in one bank, one currency or one destination. An offshore savings account give you the financial diversification you need.

Pay Less in Taxes

Finally, offshore accounts may result in a legal way for you to reduce your tax burden each year. Some countries, such as Belize, offer low or even zero percent capital gains taxes for foreign investors, increasing your profits substantially. Plus, your domestic taxes may be lower if a significant portion of your assets are located overseas and away from government intervention.

There are countless ways that having an offshore savings account can be beneficial to you. Find out more about how to open up your very own savings account offshore.