A Guide to Offshore Investment Funds in Belize

International Investment Fund

Understanding investment opportunities is the first step towards making the most of your investment portfolio. International investment funds offer tax deferral benefits and attractive rates. By banking offshore in Belize, high net worth individuals can conveniently diversify their funds while minimizing the high tax rates charged domestically. If you are tired of trying to make investment profits in an uncertain economy, an offshore investment fund in Belize may be the alternative wealth strategy for you.

Offshore Mutual Funds

As one of the most popular offshore investments, mutual funds are strategically structured to an investor’s goals. Offshore mutual funds can be structured into a variety of funds including:

  • Global Equity Funds
  • Precious Metal and Gold Funds
  • Growth and Income Funds
  • Government Income Funds
  • Corporate Bond Funds
  • High Yield Funds

Each mutual fund is built with a variety funds to create a portfolio built to enhance assets or generate additional assets. Limited partnerships and tax exempt businesses have the unique ability to function freely when buying and cashing out investment stocks. Each business has the option to trade stocks as open or closed corporate funds depending on the needs of the business.

Offshore Exchange-Traded Investment Funds in Belize

Another offshore option offered by Caye International Bank of Belize is the exchange-traded investment fund. Assets placed in the fund are traded on the stock exchange, and the investment is sold at net value. Stocks and bonds placed in an offshore exchange-traded fund are traded in groups that make up a main unit. The group may be made of funds from several investors, increasing the value of the investment fund. Because funds of different types can be added, the fund can hold a considerable amount of value. This feature gives investors flexibility in investing.

Unit Investment Trusts

The offshore unit invest trust fund is similar to the mutual funds and exchange-traded investment funds. These investment funds are assembled by benefactors and traded on the stock market by brokers. Like the other funds, the investment trusts can contain smaller investment stocks to increase value. This gives the investor greater flexibility and is a great way to trade smaller stocks at their original values.

For anyone looking to protect their assets offshore, international investment funds offer lower taxes, greater privacy, and bigger profits. Offshore investment funds operate similarly to domestic funds. A group of investors can add assets to a large portfolio, which is traded on the stock market by an investment manager. A skilled investment agent at Caye International Bank of Belize knows the market and can assist investors in making beneficial investment strategies.

Bank Offshore with Caye International Bank of Belize

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