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Annual Interest Rates to Change Effective April 1st

Caye Bank would like to notify its valued customers of an upcoming change to its annual interest rates. Effective April 1, 2013, all direct deposit, savings and lifestyle accounts will reflect updated rates ranging from 0.1 percent to 1.5 percent.

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The Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals

Precious metals have long been a symbol of prosperity and wealth, and investing in these valuable items can be a lucrative experience. Platinum, gold, silver and palladium tend to remain stable during economic downturns, and precious metal investing in offshore locations like Belize can help protect your assets from any future crises.

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Use Asset Management to Maximize Your Retirement Opportunities

If you don’t manage your assets properly, you may as well throw them out the window. Building a viable estate that will last you through your retirement or earn money that you can pass on to your survivors is a difficult task. If you don’t create favorable conditions for your assets to thrive in, these tasks become nearly impossible.

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Real Estate as an Offshore Investment

As a savvy offshore investor, you already know the value of diversifying your investments. Chances are that the portfolio currently contains a wide range of stocks, bonds and possibly even one or two insurance policies that are helpful with wrapping some of those assets. One offshore investment option that you may have overlooked is real estate. The fact is that even if you are looking for a short-term investment, property is still worth considering.

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The Benefits of Offshore Asset Protection Trusts

With the national debt tripling, home values waning, potential tax increases on the horizon, and uncertainty as to when the state of the economy will improve, you have probably considered offshore options for protecting your wealth. Offshore trusts have become a smart and strategic method of asset protection for many Americans.

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The Growth of Offshore Private Banking in the 21st Century

Offshore private banking was a major topic of interest in 2012. Now that the second decade of the new century is maturing into the teen years, offshore banking accounts are capturing the interest of financially-savvy people around the world. It wasn’t long ago that offshore private banking was thought of as an activity reserved to powerful corporations, the jet-setting crowd, the rich and famous, or high net worth individuals. Things have changed, however, and more people are now taking advantage of offshore banking services.

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A Guide to Offshore Loans from Belize

Offshore banks are one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. With a variety of flexible services, exceptional customer service, and tax benefits, it is no wonder so many consumers around the globe have turned to offshore banks for their banking needs. Available services include creative investment tools from offshore international loans to offshore mortgage loans. Thousands of companies, high net worth individuals, and self employed people around the world take advantage of the many loan options available at Caye International Bank each year.

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A Guide to Offshore Investment Funds in Belize

Understanding investment opportunities is the first step towards making the most of your investment portfolio. International investment funds offer tax deferral benefits and attractive rates. By banking offshore in Belize, high net worth individuals can conveniently diversify their funds while minimizing the high tax rates charged domestically. If you are tired of trying to make investment profits in an uncertain economy, an offshore investment fund in Belize may be the alternative wealth strategy for you.

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