Frequently Asked Questions About Offshore Corporations

Offshore CorporationsWith so much uncertainty in the American economy, many high net worth individuals are looking into offshore accounts for asset protection. An offshore limited liability corporation (LLC) is simply a corporation created in a jurisdiction other than the owner’s home country. As experts in creating lucrative offshore accounts for Americans, we get questions every day from potential investors looking for new solutions in asset protection.

Q: What Are the Benefits of an Offshore Corporation?

A: An offshore corporation provides numerous benefits to investors. Not only do they protect assets from lawsuits, offshore corporations offer many other options. As an owner of an offshore corporation, your privacy is protected by foreign law under strict confidentiality laws. In most countries, your identity will never be revealed unless a court order is presented.

Offshore corporations provide exceptional asset protection for investors worldwide. Because the corporation becomes a legal entity detached from the owner, personal property is not included in the corporation. If erroneous litigation occurs, litigants cannot seize any assets that are not included in the offshore LLC.

Q: Can I Save Money on My Taxes with an Offshore Corporation?

A: Depending on the country chosen for an offshore corporation, tax rates will be decreased or erased. An offshore corporation has a responsibility to pay taxes based on the jurisdiction of where it is placed. Every country charges a different rate. The United States has one of the highest tax rates on corporations. Often, taxes harm domestic business. Some countries, such as Belize, charge no income taxes or capital gains taxes. This can save corporations billions of dollars each year. The savings can be significant, especially for proprietors with multiple companies.

Q: Is One Country Better than Another for an Offshore Corporation?

A: After extensive research, experts have determined that Belize is the best choice for an offshore corporation. This country has an outstanding international reputation for compliance against money laundering. Because of the country’s stability, it is highly favored worldwide for personal and corporate offshore banking.

Q: Will Offshore Governments Limit My Business Expansion?

A: Not at all. Flexible international business laws allow corporations to expand. While laws in the United States confine expansion, offshore countries like Belize do not interfere with the growth of corporations. An offshore business is controlled by the owner. Unlike the United States, foreign countries do not require a corporation to designate a board of directors. As the owner of an offshore corporation, the owner can run the business as the president.

Q: Why Should I Choose an Offshore Corporation over a Domestic Corporation?

A: Offshore corporations provide benefits that are not available with domestic corporations. Offshore corporations in countries like Belize offer unsurpassed privacy protection for investors. Not only are your assets protected by the strict privacy legislation by the foreign government, investor’s names and assets are never publicly published. Offshore corporations offer significant tax savings and freedom from capital gains tax. Investors can enjoy flexibility in running their businesses without government interference and restrictions on expansion. Offshore corporations provide many benefits not available with a domestic corporation.

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