Bank Smarter with an Offshore Lifestyle Savings Account in Belize

Offshore Savings Accounts

Let’s face it. You did not become a high net worth individual by luck. You built your fortune by making smart investment decisions and by recognizing lucrative financial opportunities when they were presented. When it comes to the safety of your assets, you never take unnecessary risks. Offshore banking in Belize is a rewarding way to build wealth without putting your hard earned assets at risk. As one of the most financially secure establishment in the world, Caye International Bank of Belize provides the most stringent security available worldwide.

Reasons to Save With an Offshore Bank Account in Belize

As Central America’s premier English speaking country, Belize is an economically established tropical paradise. Recognized worldwide for upholding the highest standards of opposing money laundering and fighting the funding of terrorism, Belize is highly rated by the global United Financial Action Task Force. This high rating ensures exceptional interest rates for its investors. With interest rates that exceed domestic rates by 100 percent, assets grow three times faster than they do in other parts of the world.

Offshore Banking Protection from Taxes

In addition to providing a stable economy and high yielding interest rates, offshore savings accounts legally protect assets from the burden of heavy taxes. Interest accrued on savings accounts are taxable in the jurisdiction in which they are placed. The jurisdiction of Belize is a tax free government. Belize does not not collect personal income taxes, nor does it charge capital gains taxes on interest gained on savings accounts. For this reason alone, smart investors turn to offshore banking accounts in Belize for their banking needs.

Privacy of Offshore Banking

Each year, millions of smart investors from all over the world place assets in an offshore account in Belize. Many do so to take advantage of the country’s privacy regulations. Belizean law protects investors and their assets. An account owner’s identity is never released as public information. Unlike disclosure laws in the United States that mandate citizen’s assets and tax return information must be published for public viewing, banks in Belize will not release this information to any party without a court order. Investors are protected from potential creditors and litigants looking to get wealthy from a frivolous lawsuit.

Offshore Savings Account Services Available to Investors

Caye International Bank of Belize offers a wide variety of international structures for investors around the world. An international savings bank account offers the following benefits:

  • High interest rates
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Advanced online security options
  • Asset and investment management tools
  • Letters of credit
  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals and debit card
  • MasterCard
  • Personal and business loans

Investing in an offshore savings account offers benefits not available domestically, including security, tax savings, and privacy. Our investment experts can open an account for an investor online with a few simple steps. Savings accounts can be accessed at any time online from the investor’s home. This service can add significant value any investment portfolio.

Bank Offshore with Caye International Bank of Belize

Caye International Bank is an Unrestricted Class “A” Bank that creates profitable financial portfolios for investors all over the world. As a member of the British Commonwealth, English is their first language. Contact them today at 011-501-226-2388 and speak with a qualified banking professional.

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Caye International Bank Limited (CIBL) was granted an Unrestricted "A" Class International Banking License on September 29th, 2003 by the Central Bank of Belize and is regulated by the Central Bank of Belize which set the standards for liquidity and capital adequacy.