Five Reasons to Invest in Belize

Belize InvestmentIf you are like most Americans, you may be concerned about the welfare of your hard-earned assets in the current state of the economy. With interest rates plummeting, national debt skyrocketing and inflation rising, you may be worried that your asset portfolio may take a plunge off the fiscal cliff. Millions of investors worldwide have turned to offshore banking to protect assets and grow wealth. Here are five excellent reasons why you too should bank offshore in Belize.

1. Belize Money Offers Unsurpassed Privacy

Offshore banks differ from domestic banks in many ways that benefit investors. Unlike American banks, international institutions are not legally obligated to release the identity and total of assets of their clients. This provides investors with privacy and confidentiality not available in domestic banks. A banker’s name, address or holdings are not published by the institution without a court order. By placing assets in an offshore bank account, corporation or irrevocable trust, potential litigants cannot locate them.

2. Offshore Banking in Belize Offers Tax Savings

One reason why millions of investors choose to bank in Belize each year is because of the outstanding tax benefits. Belize is a jurisdiction that is free of personal income tax, sales tax and capital gains tax. Interest earned on savings accounts, bonds and other investments are not taken by the Belizean government but increase the profits of the investor. Assets are not only protected from high taxation but they can also grow in Belize.

3. Banking in Belize Guarantees Asset Protection

Because the country of Belize makes most of its revenue by opening its markets to foreign investors, it goes to great lengths to protect its clientele. An offshore irrevocable trust in Belize can protect assets from seizure by litigants and creditors. The Belizean government does not honor judgments made in other countries. Assets placed in an offshore trust are permanently protected by the government.

4. Banking Offshore in Belize Offers Flexibility

Offshore countries like Belize depend on the investments of foreigners and therefore keep regulations at a minimum to ensure customer satisfaction. The country does not impose rigid standards on investors. Those who own an offshore corporation are not required to hire a board to govern the company. Customers opening a bank account have the autonomy to choose multinational currency if they choose. Unlike the United States, Belize is an investor-friendly country.

5. Belize Offshore Banking Builds Profits

An offshore account in Belize can help an investor realize profits that simply aren’t available on domestic soil. Not only do investors save money by not paying income or capital gains taxes, Belize also offers higher interest rates on investments than other countries. Interest rates on savings accounts, stocks and bonds and other investments are 100 percent higher than those available domestically. For this reason, assets can grow twice as fast as those in the domestic jurisdiction.

Bank Offshore with Caye International Bank of Belize

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