An Introduction to Offshore Investing

Offshore InvestmentsOffshore banks, such as offshore banking services in Belize offer many investment services, including expat accounts. Online offshore bank accounts in Belize provide flexibility and faster access to assets. Learn how easy Belize offshore investing can.

Offshore Investments

If you have weighed the benefits of an offshore investment to protect your net worth, you are among millions of like-minded people world-wide. Countries such as Belize offer attractive incentives for American investors. During these uncertain times, it pays to explore alternative options for protecting your assets. With our guidance, offshore investing does not need to be intimidating.

What is an Offshore Investment?

Offshore investing is the process of investing in a foreign country. Investing offshore is a fully legal financial plan that can reduce tax liabilities for those seeking serious asset protection and lower taxes. Offshore investments provide many benefits and cost less to start and operate than portfolios created domestically. Because of the tax free governments in countries such as Belize, investors enjoy higher rates of interest on their funds and pay lower tax rates on profits. No matter how complex the client’s needs, there is an offshore financial structure for every level of investing.

Expat Banking Investments

Expatriates are professionals or retirees who leave the United States to work or live abroad. Because they no longer have an address in the country, they become residents of other countries. These individuals still require banking services and may run into complications when trying to use an American bank for banking and investments.

Offshore expat bank accounts and investment services are available to those wishing to set up a flexible account in a new country. Offshore banks offer higher interest rates than American banks and interest profits are tax free in many offshore countries like Belize.

Offshore Bank Loans

For investors seeking a private loan, offshore banks provide credit with out the hassle of government interference. Loans originating in an offshore country are payable to that country. Offshore banking nations such as Belize offer anonymous loans and bank accounts, accessible deposits, and lower interest rates. Many offshore banks offer benefits that are not available domestically and are a popular choice for investors.

Offshore Corporations

An offshore corporation is a investment tool that provides the owner with significant financial benefits. It is a limited liability company (LLC), that protects a company’s assets, provides flexibility to business owners, and protects the privacy of the owner. By starting an offshore corporation in a country like Belize, corporate tax rates will be lowered or reduced to zero.

Offshore Trusts

An offshore trust is a trust that is created in a foreign country. Similar to domestic trusts, creating one in a low-tax foreign country such as Belize means more profits for the investor. Because these countries have designed their governments to attract offshore investors from around the world, they offer services not available domestically.

Offshore trusts are one of the best methods to utilize to protect your assets. With more twenty five types of trusts internationally recognized for providing protection from creditors, excessive taxes, and frivolous lawsuits, this financial strategy benefits investors and those looking to secure their retirement assets. The owner of the assets can designate themselves as the trustee of the estate, and retain control of their money and property until death when it is bequeathed to a designated successor.

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