The Advantages of Online Banking Offshore in Belize

Offshore Bank AccountOnline banking provides customers with the flexibility to attend to their financial matters from anywhere. Those who bank offshore in countries like Belize can enjoy both the advantages of offshore banking and the simplicity of online banking. For these reasons, it is no wonder why millions of investors around the world have chosen to bank online with an offshore account in Belize. In addition to offering ease of use, an online offshore account offers several other benefits.

On Demand Access to Accounts

Offshore Internet banking gives you instant access to your money, accounts, and statements. Customers can view their automatically updated activities. A customer can access an account at anytime whether they need to make a deposit from a different country or just review a statement.

Reduced Taxes

The offshore jurisdiction of Belize does not charge income tax or capital gains taxes on interest earned by savings, checking, and business accounts. Funds deposited into an offshore account are subject to the tax requirements of that jurisdiction only. Unlike American banks, interest grows quickly. Many banks in Belize offer interest rates 100 percent higher than those in the United States. For this reason, many people turn to an offshore account in Belize for checking and savings.

Outstanding Customer Service

The economies of foreign nations such as Belize depend on the income provided by the business of world-wide investors. Competition for consumers’ business is intense from country to county. As the top offshore investing destination, Belize provides exceptional customer service to its customers. Representatives are available for technical support and customer service 24 hours a day and cater to the needs and desires of offshore investors.

Exceptional Asset Protection

By opening an offshore bank account in Belize online, customers receive automatic asset protection. Assets placed in offshore accounts in Belize are protected from seizure by American creditors and litigants. While you can access your funds online and at local automatic teller machines, those looking to sue you for your hard earned money will not be granted access to it under the jurisdiction of Belize. This country never makes property and asset ownership information public. Your identity will never be revealed to any party without a Belizean court order.

Ease and Security

A customer can open a new online account in Belize in just minutes. With an account, a customer can attend to brokerage accounts, conduct online trading, secure investments, and make deposits instantly. If you wish to keep your online activity confidential, Belize banks allow you to conduct your business anonymously with their built in secrecy protection.

Low Deposit Requirements

Unlike many American banks that require a sizable down payment to open a high interest yielding bank account, international countries such as Belize only require $1,000 to open an account. Customers do not need to visit the bank in person to open the account. An account can be opened online with ease.

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