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Banking in Canadian Dollars a Rising Currency Star

Canada, the closest trading partner with the U.S. thanks to NAFTA, is the second largest economy by land mass and the tenth largest economy by gross domestic product. US-Canada bilateral trade amounts to $1.4 billion per day with around 400,000 people crossing the border daily. Seventy five percent of Canada’s exports go to the U.S. while seventy five percent of its imports come from the U.S. Canada is also U.S. largest investment destination. Though the U.S. and Canada are both highly industrialized and affluent society and are highly-integrated, Canada and its banks fared much better than their counterparts in the U.S. during the global financial crisis.

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I Want to get Out of the US Dollar, What Currencies Do Offshore Banks Offer?

The economic situation within the United States has made some people believe that the US dollar is unstable. The primary risk for the US dollar is its potential for inflation as the nation works its way out of a recession. One of the ways to deal with this risk is to invest in foreign currencies. A method of investing in foreign currencies is through an offshore bank account that uses a currency besides the US dollar.

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The Intrigue of International Banking and Belize

The term international banking or offshore banking originates from the Channel Islands which enjoy fiscal and tax autonomy from the British Crown. Offshore banks are banks located outside of the account holder’s residence in a jurisdiction typically offering financial privacy, international investment opportunities, asset protection, tax and other financial benefits. They are regulated by local monetary authorities but cannot take domestic deposits. Offshore centers, numbered seventy in the world, have grown phenomenally since the 1970s with the advance of technology and globalization.

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An Offshore Banking Option for Tax Beleaguered Businesses

The present atmosphere for business in the U.S. can be daunting. Under the current administration, the U.S. now has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Small businesses, many of which are Subchapter – S Corporations or Limited Liability Companies (LLC), are being categorized as members of the “1%”. i.e., “the rich” – and are being demonized accordingly, with confiscatory tax policies being targeted at them.

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Banking in US Dollars the World’s Major Reserve Currency

US dollar has been the world’s major reserve currency since World War II. In spite of the U.S. being the origin of the global financial crisis in 2008, the US dollar status, albeit questioned, has never been shaken. The still-evolving sovereign debt crisis in Europe has further boosted the safe-haven demand for US Dollars.

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Offshore Banking Offers Exceptional Global Customer Service

Offshore banking has never been more enticing than in today’s challenging global market. Many stereotypes and misconceptions linger pertaining to opening an account with an offshore bank. These banks have invested countless hours and money in training their employees to provide top customer service to appeal to a well-rounded global clientele. It has never been easier or more enjoyable to secure your future.

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