8 Technologies That Make the Life of an Expat Easier

The right technologies can make life much simpler for expats. Discover eight expat technologies popular for those living abroad.
Technology for Expats

Technology for ExpatsYou’re excited about the prospect of living abroad. Before you make a move, take the time to identify some of the key technologies that will make you more comfortable in your new home. Many of them will also come in handy when you decide to travel to other places, including your country of origin.

To help you get started, here are eight technologies that need careful consideration.  

1. Smartphones

Smartphones that are set up with international service plans are among the best investments you can make. This approach allows you to use the same device and often the same service no matter where you go. The fact that smartphones make online browsing convenient whenever you have access to an Internet connection makes things even better.

When looking for a provider, ask about international plans and how many countries are included. Make sure you know if the plan offers a flat monthly fee or if there will be ancillary charges. The best-case scenario ensures you have reliable service in offshore and domestic settings.

2. Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistants

Artificial intelligence, most often shortened to AI, is a convenience in any setting, but it can be particularly helpful when you’re adjusting to life in an offshore location. AI voice assistants understand natural voice commands and complete the commands.

Some of the most familiar AI assistants include:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple Siri
  • Microsoft Cortana
  • Samsung Bixby

With the aid of your AI assistant, it’s possible to find restaurants, shopping venues, and entertainment spots. It can also help you learn more about upcoming local events.

Make sure you check out the setup for your assistant once you settle on a smartphone and service provider.

3. Adapter Plugs

You’re taking several electronic devices along, but different countries have different power sources and electrical outlets. Investing in a set of adapter plugs is a good idea.

The best sets include adapters that allow you to convert your power cords for any setting easily. Whether traveling or spending time in your new offshore home, they ensure you always have access to a power source.

4. Currency Converters

It will take a little time to get used to the currency in your new offshore location. If you travel, that may mean keeping on top of the current exchange rate between the local currency and the one used for most of your bank accounts.

Online converters are available as downloadable apps or are accessible from your smartphone or computer. Look for apps that automatically update to match current exchange rates. Loading one of them on your phone is a great way always to be prepared.

5. Apps for Managing Multiple Financial Accounts

Speaking of money, as an expat, you probably have accounts with more than one institution. Some of them are offshore checking and savings accounts, while others are domestic bank accounts. You may have investment accounts at home and abroad.

An app that allows you to check all of them at a glance will be helpful. Apps of this type provide real-time access to each of those accounts. Along with checking balances and transactions, you can initiate funds transfers between those accounts. This capability simplifies your banking.

6. Translation Tools

Even if your primary language is spoken in your new country, it pays to learn the other languages that are in common use there. One way to get started is to utilize a translation tool. This type of tool allows you to speak or type in a word or phrase, then see and hear that word in the languages of your choice.

Along with online tools, you’ll find apps that can perform this function. Since the results are immediate, it is easy to communicate with someone who may not know your language that well. Keep using it until you feel comfortable with your command of those additional languages. 

7. Cloud Storage

You may think of cloud storage as mainly a business tool or something you can use to store digital photographs. In fact, it can do much more.

Use cloud storage to tuck away images of important documents, statements, and other essentials. The fact that you can access and print them at will simplifies your record keeping. It also ensures that you don’t lose something that would be hard to replace.

8. Virtual Debit and Credit Cards

International credit and debit cards are helpful resources, but you can enjoy the same benefits by investing in virtual credit and debit cards. These are intended for online use only and provide one more layer of identity protection. Some of these cards are configured for one-time use and tie directly to your existing credit, checking, or savings accounts.

If the virtual card number is hacked or harvested, it will be of no use to the hacker. That’s because it was intended for one use only. The funding source information remains secure and unaffected. See it as one more way to protect your finances no matter where you happen to be.

Stay On Top of the Latest Technology for Expats

There are other technology resources that you may want to consider. Hearables that make it easy to utilize online resources while wearing small devices, custom apps supplied by offshore banks, online payment services, and Wi-Fi finding tools are also examples of what you should consider.

Take a good look at what would make your new life more enjoyable and plan accordingly. Remember that you can always update or replace your tech choices when needed. 

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